How do I add/delete a category on my website?

So similar to Wordpress you can also add Categories to your posts in order to sort them, Categories are clickable links that create pages that are sorted by the post categories and help with your page organization by helping users look through your content based on Category.


Currently no. There’s just categories. Although one thing I have learned from years of Wordpress. Don’t overdue your Categories. I’m just looking through mine now on AmebaOwnd as I didn’t pay that much attention to them at first cause I was just keeping more of an online journal then a website and now I’m seeing tons that have to go.

With Wordpress it was like trying to make sure you had a balance between categories and tags, but with AmebaOwnd it’s just categories so it’s a little easier. Keep them relevant by not having tons of categories that your probably only making one post in or something.

Anwyays lets get down to business and talk about how to create categories, and how to remove them.

In App


So you can can create Categories on the fly while your writing your posts by touching the settings wheel at the upper right corner of your post that your typing out in app. Which will pull up a window with both post date, and categories. 

Select categories and you’ll be shown a list of categories to choose from.

The last selection will always be “Add New Category” which is pretty straight forward and from there you can just type a new Category title and your post will be associated with that category.

Creating Category based Widgets

Creating Category-based Pages


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