How to report another AmebaOwnd Website

So for whatever reasons, you may want to report another website that’s run on AmebaOwnd, whether that be for like, porno, spam, anything else outlined in the terms of service for AmebaOwnd so this post will teach you how to do so. Actually seeing blogs that are purely spam like, linking to torrents for movies and then endless spammy links are quite common on AmebaOwnd. 

I don’t believe really in like ratting on other blogs or people per se, but I do believe in creating a community of real people and websites and not just spam or ads everywhere, no one wants to see that so really by reporting those kinds of websites you make AmebaOwnd a better platform and in small small increments actually better the SEO in some ways or the platform as whole. 

That’s not an easy task and probably not even a doable one, I’m not saying your going to accomplish that, there’s literally so many websites and personal blogs run through the platform, but if everyone started doing it, it would decrease the need for active moderation and actually serve us all better lol. Anyways here’s how to report another AmebaOwnd website from the mobile app on iOS.


Pull up the share sheet using the share button while your currently viewing the website in safari.


Select the report extension from the lower tray.


Fill out the form and submit it to AmebaOwnd for them to review. Then you’re done. You’ve successfully reported another website for whatever your reasoning may be. [TODO: Translate Form]


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