Approved As An Apple Affiliate!

アフィリエイトプログラムへの登録が承認されました。これにより、ミュージック、App、ブックなどへのリンクを通じて、iTunes の売上や Apple Music メンバーシップに対するコミッションを受け取れるようになります。以下のアカウント情報の内容と、アフィリエイトプログラムの基本的な始め方についてご確認ください。
Just got an email from the Programme Manager at Apple Affiliates saying my application has been approved! Stoked about that!  If you want to read more about the program and some of the tools and cool features Apple provides you with, read here, It basically gives you access to a range of cool tools for marketing purposes, as well as more advanced tools if you have an Apple Developer account like me haha.

Apple Music/Movies/iTunes Badges

They also provide you with badges and widgets that are localized in every single language that Apple markets too, so if your really into music and promoting that content, it’s an awesome way to do that on your website and support music as well.

Other News

Also. Didn’t make a post about this but also got approved for the Apple Developer Program this year, although honestly like, a lot is still over my head I’m used to doing things with Linux or Windows or Web Stuff, Apple is throwing me off lol. But in time I guess.
I also wasn’t as aware that Podcast Submission is as easy as it is, have to look into video aspects of it over the next couple days, as well as implementing Cloudflare Streaming somehow with Yoast Video Extension since right now it’s not picking up on Cloudflare streams.


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