Zoek Inc Taipei/FunNow app iOS

Okay so WTF. I was thinking of actually writing a post to review this app in the past in a positive light , although I don’t know exactly what’s going on with it at the moment and if this is just a situation with their system, but either way there’s no way I’d recommend using it now.
So the app is called fun now, and basically enables you to book things like hourly hotels, computer cafes, different fun events in Taipei using Apple Pay, which up until today I thought was extremely convenient because you don’t have to use your credit card for payment at the hotel or at the event all you have to do is show your voucher.

Then this morning after not using the app since July I looked on my credit card statement to find 3 charges in excess of 500.00CAD, when I haven’t made a booking with them for months. So I’m rotted really. But more perplexed as to how they would have retained my credit card information despite only having used Apple Pay for payment .

I’ll update after this situation sorts itself out and I talk to Apple as well as my bank but as an Apple Developer as well I’m not sure exactly what information they’re privy in terms of account information but I’ve never used credit card as a payment, only Apple Pay. 

Either way I would recommend anyone else who’s using the app to be aware at least of charges being made to your account. There’s nothing even in my purchase history with Apple, nor with the FunNow App although the charges have been processed from Zoek Inc Taipei, which is their E-commerce company. I’ve contacted support already but haven’t received a response.

If anyone else experiences similar charges lemme know.


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