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So as ya’ll might know already, or not I don’t know lol. But Cloudflare, which I use for practically every site I own, minus this one because it’s on Amebaownd, but still my personal domain re-directs to this one lol. Annyways Cloudflare has released their own Streaming service called “Stream”. It just exited beta less then a week or so ago. 

In practice it seems like a win-all for anyone really wanting to host their own video, but not actually host it themselves lol. You should never really host your own video because it’s just going to be slow as fuck and no one likes that. 

The Advantages Of Stream

You basically can run your own YouTube per se if you have the cash. How much you pay depends on the amount of minutes watched. So even starting out if you don’t have that many viewers it’s gonna be like next to nothing because they only charge for the amount of minutes watched, and the amount of storage used, which I’m sure wasn’t a thing a couple days ago but it seems to be now.

When you think about it that’s still a decent deal tho. A lot of the times you’ll see websites that look awesome but our video hosting options we’re pretty limited. So for many it has the usual YouTube or Vimeo branding all over it. The advantage with Cloudflare Stream is that it literally is just the video And no branding. Apparently you can brand the actual html box yourself tho, so we’ll probably see easier applications of that in the near future.

Okay so below I’ve inserted just like a lyric video from one of the demos from my album. Either it’ll play fine depending what device your on, or if you’re on mobile it might just start to stretch indefinitely down your screen lol. 

I understand it’s a new service or whatever but like obviously there are still some issues to sort out with it and it’s not completely ready to exit beta as the new YouTube yet. Literally I do everything from my iPhone so if there’s a mobile issue I’m really quick to find it. Apparently like not that many people are on mobile and doing Cloudflare related stuff tho, as I found out recently.

If you make edits within your DNS in Cloudflare on mobile it currently won’t let you edit and then save the changes because it says there’s a DNS validation error, it’s been this way for me for like 4 months now and apparently no ones noticed it.  So I’ll submit the recording of what Stream Videos are doing here and let them know about that lol. Apologies if your having to reload the page after clicking the video, or exit because you don’t like my voice lol.


Like endless really. Let’s take Soundcloud for example. You have to pay like 8USD or more a month to simply remove their overlay from embedded tracks. They still don’t remove their branding from their player for that price, or at the pro unlimited tier for 16. 

Cloudflare Stream however you can actually use a video instead and have it placed in your website for whatever type of musician you are and not have Youtube branding, or Soundcloid branding all over it, and for less then the price that you’d pay at soundcloud. Don’t get me wrong I love SoundCloud, but it’s just cheaper to choose Cloudflare and I don’t really understand why there’s no option to remove Soundclouds branding if your paying like for the upper tier subscription. Like come on. Removing overlays only? 

I do think it would be nice if Cloudflare in the future could allow you to stream audio, instead of just video tho, it’s kind of difficult to create a video for every song lol.


These aren’t really downsides per se, just things that don’t work properly with my applications and that I hope can be fixed in the future.

Yoast Compatability

I’m pretty sure it’s not that hard to get Yoast to pickup on Cloudflare Stream Videos. But the response to my Github request was like, we don’t support Cloudflare Stream currently. Next. Like alright, Could have just said We’re lazy DISMISSED. 
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