Yoast Adds Structured Data Blocks

So I do a lot of website stuff online right, but mainly I’m obsessed with learning more stuff about SEO and in particular Schema.org and structured data is an obsession as of late lol:

Anyways, we use Yoast on most websites, and as well Schema App, for deploying extra schema that most other plugins don’t create unless they’re one of the ones that Google officially recognizes, because honestly most people only Want to be at the Schema that’s going to get them to show up in Google, and not for anything extra. Lol.

Yoast just updated to 8.2 tho and it’s actually interesting cause they’ve started with structured data blocks, but instead of starting at the basis makeup that most plugins default to, they’ve actually gone ahead and started at two types that are definitely not common in Wordpress plugins now: FAQ’s and How-to ‘s
As of today, we’re adding that structured data metadata automatically to the content that’s added to two new Gutenberg blocks inside Yoast SEO, namely How-to and FAQ. Local SEO and WooCommerce SEO have blocks for addresses and maps. So, if you have an FAQ page on your site you can now build these pages inside Gutenberg. Yoast SEO will automatically add the necessary Question Schema.org to that block. 
The problem with like, at least the Wordpress’s I’ve got on the go is that Cloudflare is still somehow blocking the Rest API so the damn posts wont save. There’s a supposed fix to disable rules WP0025A and B, but that doesn’t work and supposedly Cloudflare already updates the rules to fix this. Not really by. And the issue is closed on Gitgub like no. This is still ongoing.

Gutenberg itself is just a hot mess. Like I don’t know why you gotta fix something that wasn’t broken, the basic text editior was fine, and for anyone who argues about it like, underneath all that fancy UI is still code anyways so I don’t know what your talking about lol.


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