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Two things that can’t be joked?

Is that actually how they speak English in Ireland? Lol. I’m not trying to be funny I just literally have never heard anyone say soemthing can’t be joked, in the past tense like that in my entire life haha.

Not surprising tho like, you come live in Asia for a decade and like that doesn’t even phase you, it’s when you start seeing like boiled refried rape cooked ape overjoyed, or soemthing along those lines, then you’ll laugh lol.

Actually I love Ireland Potatoes tho irregardless, the fries are so sickly and heavy like get in my stomach. 
Also this video is so sad omg. The message is so true tho.

I just published like the majority of the tracks from the album like just after I had wrapped up recording the demos and sharing them with contacts. But like, I put a lot of work into those mixing like, you wouldn’t believe how much I had to fuck it up a million times over just to get it to the sad state it is now lol.

But all those songs like represent a lot to me, and those recordings. Not when they’re done again professionally that’s a different, better sound obviously but, that sound and those songs are like, representative for me of (I hope..) the hardest challenge I’ve gone through in my life seriously. Like I can take shit from everyone and for a prolonged period of time. And I work good alone, love alone time but, what Willy put me through was literally hell. And now I’ve gotta deal with this D for the rest of my life, dammit. 

What happened to karma tho literally? I literally put up with the shit for years and said nothing, like degraded myself in order to just stay because I was scared. I dunno why really that it happens to me cause I don’t feel like I deserve it but, none of us do really. Lesson learned a little too late I guess.

Omg this guy is so hot like gimme some of dat lol. I’m actually so nervous like, in general as a person you wouldn’t believe. Like after meeting someone once then I’m good and I’m literally best kind after that, but the first time meeting anyone is like, I’m awkward and shy as Fuck. Like I’ve gotta learn to get over it somehow. But especially since what happened and the Seperation it’s been like amplified lol. I literally got so used to spending every single day for like over two years by myself. And I mean like literally, alone. Anyways I’m trying to break those antisocial habits now.

Literally so many ppl will message me on like Grindr or hornet or soemthing and like I might reply back once or twice, but then I’m like no I’d rather watch tv or a movie or go outside walking then meet someone lolz especially since we all know what we’re “meeting” for. Fuck gay relationships man. What mess.

Anyways. Just finishing watching some drama, as if I don’t have enough in my life hahaha, then headed to bed. 
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