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So this is driving me absolutely nuts today lol. Schema app is actually deadly tho. For those of you who don’t know about it, check out :

You’d actually be surprised when it comes to websites even bigger companies or publishers online who don’t actually create schema for websites. The difference with Shema app tho in comparison to say Yoast, which we use as well, actually both plugins can compliment each other, but where as Yoast will only cover certain types of schema data, Schema app will actually enable you to create markup for all the schema. All of it byse. Like hosted-extensions as well.

What the hell is Structured data?

Many websites are generated from data that is stored databases; when this data is formatted into HTML code, it can be difficult for web crawlers to effectively interpret this information.

Structured data is on-page markup that enables search engines to better understand the information currently on your business’s web page, and then use this information to improve your business’s search results listing. 

For example, structured data makes it easier for web crawlers to determine company basics, such as NAP (name, address, place) data, as well as more complex information such articles, events, products, recipes, etc. on your website.

Some elements that seem perfectly obvious to us humans are meaningless to web crawlers. That’s where structured data comes in to play. Structured data is added directly to a page’s HTML markup. Search engines use structured data to generate rich snippets, which are small pieces of information that will then appear in search results.

Where Schema App plays in

So Schema app helps you automatically deploy this markup on Wordpress through the plugin, and anything you need to edit or add extra you can do on their structured data editor on their website. There’s a million other tools as well. The only things I dislike about the service so far is that the customer area is too slow using tools and login in and just overall website speed is really slow, I’m not sure if it’s the geographical distance like but it’s slow AF in Taiwan. And secondly just the fact tutorials are videos, if you’re working on your website primarily on a mobile device and it’s iOS you knows you can’t be watching a video on YouTube while editing site code or doing data entry because it’s tedious as fuck.

October 2018 Update

After using Schema App for months now I’ve changed my opinion of the solution for structured data quite a bit due to some frustrations with the setup, and data entry methods which are solely through their website. 

Lately I’ve just been super annoyed with the whole setup of Schema App and just how tedious it is because your not doing data entry locally and then having it sync with a server, your having to save each edit and navigate through your data entry’s which takes a whole shit load of time and ends up being so tedious that you have to actually force yourself to do it, which usually translates into you not doing it and then paying the monthly fee just to keep the structured data you’ve already painstakingly entered on your website. If you then just cancel the subscription you then essentially lose that structured data including the linked data unless you copy it from them and find alternative ways to enter it. That’s actually quite a loss and you’re also going to take a loss to your websites SEO when doing that.

I’d like to see either Schema App allow you to remotely connect to your database using other ways other then just loading it through their website, or a lower monthly fee, or a once yearly or one time fee because it just gets too expensive and not realistic for just personal use or small businesses who don’t have the funds to pay for hosting and to pay another hefty bill on top of that for structured data. With the release of Yoasts structured data blocks, and alternative plugins like Schema Pro for Wordpress, I’m finding myself less inclined to continue the subscription.

My other frustrations are with the plugin itself. While syncing the categories for linked data works fine, when you’ve got over 1000 tags, the requests to sync your tags with their servers always times out again and again and you have to do it dozens of times to actually get tags linked with data and sometimes it’s only processing like 6-10 tags at a time and taking minutes to process the request before timing out and only processing a minimal amount of tags. Going through customer support it’s also quite tedious because a response takes days and if something does go down with their systems they don’t notify customers properly and there is no system status link on their website which I just find stupid AF and honestly a waste of my time.

Why is that annoying? 

Because my MacBook is broken and I’ve basically created the websites from nothing on my iPhone. I like that practice tho, designing for mobile on mobile. The only downside tho is that sometimes I’ll see the website on desktop and realize somethings been broken for weeks lol.

Looking up Schema Types by example = Nonexistant or what

In general  you can reference for the formats, but if your stupid as f like me. They don’t always make much sense and your left like wanting to wild out half the time.

Like it’s a learning curve and in general, these aren’t examples there just relationships to each other and dont really help those who learn by example lol. It’s just kind of weird to me that as an actual site for the whole , they don’t have a by learnbyexample format. The current layout is like peeling an onion. Lol.

The Only Problem now: Conflicting Plugins

The problem currently is that apparently, just read over an email from support and supposedly now the markup isn’t actually being created but from another plugin? Whattt lol. I’m trying to figure out which one is creating the conflicting data but Wordpress is confusing as fuck lol.

They said possibly as well it could that another interaction was enabled? There’s several deployment integrations for schema app: 


I wanted to go with the WordPress Plugin since were already on Wordpress with like 1000’s of posts and tags and categories. Mostly cause I’m lazy but it just seemed like less effort. And Google tag manager seems like it would slow down the sites peformance more, as well as the fact I’d rather have data as much self hosted as we can so for example if Google decides to deactivate an account of ours we wouldn’t lose all our tags or something, it just makes more sense to keep it all to one place on our hosting at this point.

But potentially two these issues could create conflicts with structured data on that domain. So these are the protential plugins/theme that could conflict:

The Theme

Jnews has a JSON-LD plugin, not sure if the developer created it to add comparability or to actually create the schema data itself, but they have those fields in customizer so I’ve had this deactivated at the time of diagnosing this problem since like, it seems it would just conflict with that plugin of the theme.


By default creates schema yes that could potentially conflict with schema app but it shouldn’t since they fixed those conflicts last update, although it’s hard to identify exactly where every part of the schema in the source code from Google is coming from and to be honest I don’t get Wordpress sometimes. Basically the point of using Schema App is because Yoast onkh covers like a couple schema types where as Schema App is like, the ultimate tool you can basically even create schema that’s experimental or self hosted by the schema community. 

Other Plugins?

I have to go in snooping around in Phpmyadmin, or if not in the SQL tables to try and find out if there’s any potential leftover options or any of that shit that could be fucking with the current schema.


So this wouldn’t be conflicting, only on the actual amp versions of the page. We installed the structured data extension today and now for some reason on either /amp or ?amp urls in the structured data test tool in Google we’re getting a 200 error. I was just looking at some forums citing possibly a SSL issue? I thought it was soemthing with our robots.txt at first but those urls all work fine in search console and the robots file validates as well.

I actually hate Wordpress

Sometimes, like sometimes it’s so simple. Other times it’s like I’m trying to leverage increased functionality with plugins versus speed and overall performance and it’s like you can’t always have both. Maybe you can but it can get expensive lol. We’re already on great hosting, cloudflare pro, yoast, schema app, etc etc.

I’ve actually learned a lot since first starting Wordpress like, probably a year ago at this point, but not enough. Sometimes I’m just like, argh I don’t get why soemthing is happening and it’ll be some stupid small setting in Wordpress itself, rarely in .htaccess if sometimes wp-config.php. But yeah sometimes I just wanna burn it all down.

Once you get into larger sites too like this one you can’t just like slack off on organization anymore either because you’ve got so much content and you want that to be able to be seen and you also don’t want a million fuck ups, errors and shit or worse, shitty seo. 

I’ve still got so much to learn and I’m not at all great at anything Wordpress, but I’ll keep trying to learn as much as I can, for the most part it’s still interesting to me.

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