Man seriously I don’t even know how some places in Taipei stay open, especially the hair salons. Maybe because I have a dad who owns a barbershop, and my Dad would always cut my hair whenever I’m in Canada so like, I have no patience, but this definitely exceeds that.

Like I don’t care about how posh your hair salon is or how special you think your haircuts ate like, getting your haircut doesn’t need to be this spa experience. If I wanted to get to a spa treatment, I would go to a damn spa.

It’s like so many places in Asia are like this tho. The first time I went to a salon in Japan and the guy like started massaging my head I was literally like, what the fuck lol. I just want to cut my hair lol.

Maybe I don’t like relaxing that much. I hate to get any kind of massage and I certainly don’t want a head one when I’m at the salon like stop touching me LMFAO.

So I’m currently sitting at the salon after like an hour after arriving, there are like four people all of which apparently cannot cut hair because there’s only one doing some bitches hair and babying the shit out of her like, Fuck man I’m so over this kind of “service” crap. So fake. Sometimes like stuff in Japan would annoy me as well but like, at least Japanese are GOOD at service lol, well more like perfect but you know what I mean.

Literally I’m sitting in the next chair to that woman and the dude is blowing this bitches hair and the hair is coming into my face. Like 


I am literally in disbelief like. I don’t know this is just the way I am. I won’t say anything until I am literally about to blow up lol. Actually I almost always will say something if you push me long enough lol.

What a good slogan to have. No alcohol no life. The fuck learn English lol.. 你沒有酒也沒有生活嗎?那你生意都在喝酒嗎?你覺的很好的生活?幹。跟fucking stupid。我快點要回家。我今天真的沒有patience。

And it’s like even when someone comes to cut my hair now it’s going to be this long ass experience lol. I should have went to the 100NT hair cut place. Fuck this about to leave lol.
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