Fuck Facebook

I literally haven’t been able to login to my Facebook for two weeks now, and I can’t reset my account somehow, definitely beyond annoyed because I also for some reason can’t access my Apple account and can’t redownload any of my apps that I use for messaging, so I’m essentially like alienated here wtf. And apparently despite all these wack statuses and me not messaging anyone in my life for the past two weeks no one has reported anything.

 I’ll be back in Canada in the 23rd. It’s time I guess it’s been long enough. I can’t even get into Twitter; anything. I can only share to like Twitter through this because it’s been synced before. 

Actually like I know exactly who’s responsible for what’s happened but whatever. Not that person directly because they’re too dumb to pull off anything like that. I literally just saw my best friends life changing moment now through a text from my parents. Fuck this I can’t wait to go home but I’ve probably lost that friend now for life and I’ll never forgive myself for missing that moment. 

Seriously sometimes I wish I would just die of HIV and get it over with, like to what purpose does my life even serve.


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