Literally the fastest WP has ever been.

Wordpress is literally such a pain in the ass, to do anything with. And literally I don’t even know if im that much better at doing anything with it then I was when I stared almost two years ago now.

It is a virtual machine and its image developed and supported by Prime Strategy Co., Ltd. that is built to execute WordPress at high speeds. KUSANAGI is the world’s fastest WordPress execution environment. It processes commands in 3 milliseconds and can handle 1000 user requests per second without page caching.

We’re too slow

Okay that’s pretty much the selling point of literally every hosting company and shitty theme everyone who does Wordpress has heard a million times. But the truth is? The West is slow with tech whether or not we would like to admit it. Maybe we’re not “slow” per se, but there’s people who get web design and those who don’t. And that makes being good at web design a skill, a marketable skill that translates into $$$.

Apparently it’s been on the market for a while now but we’re only just seeing deplorable options in AWS, or Google cloud.
It’s more reachable, but certainly not for the average person to be using it yet. 

Deploy Kusanagi across these platforms easily :

Although I deployed an instance last night to a VM on Google Cloud Platform last night and copied the same plugins and theme from my Dad’s business website that I’m designing, and the speed difference is like, unquestionable. As soon as I get the websites transferred over to Kusanagi, WPEngine is gone faster then a little page loads on this platform.

I’m actually not even decent at web design tho honestly, my focus now more recently has actually just been obsessing over SEO and yoast and , which I guess is one of their smaller projects but it’s a huge tool for getting page rank up if your willing to put the time. 

You really don’t know when choosing a hosting provider as well if there just good at graphic design, enough to reel you in, or they actually have a structural fast and optimized platform for Wordpress. I’ve literally never seen Wordpress this fast. Ditch your hosting and run this platform on your own if you have enough technicality to deploy to the VM and do a little setup. If you can setup a regular Wordpress site you can deploy the platform no problem.              

Anyways now I seem like I’m actually marketing for them lol. But honestly if you were doing Wordpress anyways, why pay like 50 bucks a month for shit hosting? Seriously I don’t even get half the hype with WPEngine at all. 

Last but not least, I upgraded to Ameba Premium today. Actually it’s a little on the dissapointing side. The ability to share or store more pictures isn’t something we consider a premium feature anymore these days.
I was kind of under the impression that they had some kind of further content for members besides removing branding. Because basically there’s nothing else besides that. I feel like Ameba really needs to focus on their business model because it’s there, and the ease of use is there but just making some photo storage isn’t really reinventing the wheel.

How about actually launching templates in a store? Not 40,000JPY ones either, or SEO (If you need to take care of SEO that bad I’ll help you out lol). It’s better then my Ameba entries for sure haha.

But yeah, come on with the JavaScript! Integrate breadcrumbs in the pages. And also what’s with custom domains? It’s less then a week until Google starts warning users about visiting a website that’s only http, and Safari already won’t even let you view some pages depending on the certificate.  

Ameba is like Wordpress, only there’s no premium themes, and no store to buy themes or people selling them for affordable prices. Maybe it’s due to the actual limited function that Ameba Owned is at right now, but it’s such a good platform that I feel they should capitalize on the opportunities to make money, while making the platform and the apps better. 

Anyways that’s my rant for today and apparently the last month or two I haven’t posted haha. Thanks for reading if you did! baibai 

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