Xinyi May Update

So,  as many of you probably know I’m just doing Airbnb’s for a while in Taiwan since the incident with my landlord a few months back.
My friend used to come to this park for hours before we met and started hanging out, last night was my first night to go there.
The place was nice actually, a lot of people in Taiwan just buy older apartment buildings and renovate them and then just basically run a business of Airbnb, which actually makes a lot of sense and seems quite profitable if you can afford buying multiple properties lol.
Tonghua Night market is actually pretty good, I normally don’t really like night markets because there’s too many damn people, but the food is always worth it. Papaya milk and Nutella banana? So so good.

I love carpet flooring like it’s so rare in Taiwan, or wooden ones, is just like carpet may be a little on the dirty side but you feet thank you lol.
The view from the latest Airbnb.

I’m also in the process of applying for a new passport now since my last one got lost/stolen, and it’s such a pain. Also last night I left my credit card in a Citibank atm and today went back thinking like there’s no way the will have it, but it turns out the machine eats your card in sixty seconds if you don’t take it out. Today’s Friday thank god it wasn’t the weekend or they wouldn’t be open and I’d have no card lol. 

I was so surprised someone didn’t steal it. Taiwan is good for that tho like, I’ve had a bike stolen once in five years but other then that I’ve left my MacBook and iPhone in cafes, suitcases in the street and literally no one touches them. 
王可森 (Kesen)

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