Let’s Take It Back

So this is more of just a personal post for me, but this is something that I’ve had to do for a while, and these are just notes that I’ll be adding to in order to PrEP for the video that I’ll be recording and uploading for our site. 
I’ve tiptoed around the whole thing because, like I’m still scared to even be completely honest about exactly what happened because as ridiculous as this sounds, I still have some fear and some weird sense of loyalty to my “Husband” and I’m not sure why. 
But the reality is, that relationship was manipulative as f. And it always was. And it’s now that I’ve wasted two years of my life waking up to that fact and realizing just how much of an impact it had on me as a person, my self confidence, and also even my sexuality as far fetched as that sounds. I can’t even think aboht Sex anymore because it makes me anxious as hell, it makes me nervous and it makes me somehow jealous and insecure. I also realize that none of the above are an issue to the one person I let in. 
So I’m going to continue this post as the days go on and ensure that when I do finish this video that I’ve covered everything and to make clear that this isn’t aboht some jealous ex, this isn’t about the relationship however intertwined the two may be. This is aboht so many other people as well and many of which may have no idea. 
But this is also my right to speak about, however uncomfortable it may be for the other party, that’s not my problem, and it’s not my issue. We all made our own choices. This isn’t aboht our relationship because in reality was there even a relationship? 
The support for those who intentionally infect others is actually unreal. We make it illegal or disclose someone’s status and treat it as something almost taboo yet we at the same time encourage openness and disclosure. Yet somehow we can’t see the hypocrisy in that situation, yet we’re accused of the same when it comes to criminalization in extremities. My views on the subject are completely in line with the Canadian coalition for criminalization reform in Canada. 
But make no mistake, Willy 100 percent is that extreme. I’m not going to sugar coat it, I’m not going to say it wasn’t intentional. If I didn’t test positive in the first place Willy wouldn’t even be aware of his status. He didn’t even put off Christmas shopping to get tested in the first place, and we ended up getting that didn’t we. 
There’s the issues of transactional Sex with minors in China. And I can guarantee this will always be an issue. But I shouldn’t have to. People have been prosecuted for less when it comes to minors and yet somehow due to Willys status and his family’s financial situation the man can walk away from transactional Sex with boys younger then 15 years old, laugh about it with Sammi and then wash his hands clean of it.
There’s a million reasons for the end of our relationship but the biggest is that I got too close. I know Willy better then anyone. Better then this man in Australia that he’s convinced he doesn’t have HIV. Wether that be that he’s just stopped taking meds, or that he’s comfortable living with that lie, it’s not my busines. I know Willys status. I sat in the hospital with him after he found out the test was positive. When he cried in the closet when we were living in Taoyuan and when he exempted the military. I loved him more then anything so much that I was willing and up until now would have probably been again to sacrifice myself for that. 
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Data Back and Iphone Forensics
Sex clubs, Parties, months without seeking medical treatment done so purposely with dozens of men in Europe. 
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