Food God 2

Damn for how much I eat I’m actually pretty good at staying skinny lmfao. Seriously tho, I walk at least 10KM a day, and usually throw in about 3-4 three hour bike rides a week. I’m actually also really good at pushing aside emotions lately, which kind of has a numbing effect but hey, it’s better then being sad.

Have to keep like one or two sexy pics in there to remind myself I’m still looking decent lmfao. And I’m pretty sure it’s just me that reads my own site lol. Also, honestly the day will come I’m old and ugly as f, so might as well appreciate what I’ve got at the moment lmfao.

Currently apartment hunting now, been staying in Airbnb’s for the longest time. But also I’ve got a timeline for a visit home for reasons which I cannot mention yet lol.

Mika’s on her way over and we’re gonna watch the kardashians get hammered and probably eat like twenty pounds of food. God bless that girl I’m so glad I found someone here who I consider like one of my closest friends. It’s hard enough to have that back home. Don’t worry Sandra your still my sister lol.

Here’s to the future and getting things sorted out. Also, the website is doing awesome, we’ve got like 30k views last month and 130k this month coming to and end now. Actually I kind of look at it now and I’m like, wow it’s pretty decent for a one man show. I didn’t think it would actually turn out to be this big or be on its way to being a useful tool for people. So cheers to that, and honestly wonka, your fucking nuts. If someone is as dumb as to belive your crazy Slut Ass, then let them be at it. We both know that you couldn’t handle the diagnosis, that your living a lie and honestly that your a fucking criminal. Have fun when everything falls out from underneath your feet. 

Then again he probably doesn’t care. But I’m so glad I don’t have a legacy like you do following around me for life. It’s sad actually that the reason you ghosted was because I’m the one person who actually got close enough to know the real you. 

I’ll never forget the things you’ve done and I accept that. But it has made me stronger and something decent came out of it. What’s in your future? I don’t honestly give two fucks. But I hope karma comes back to give you what your owed because this costed me so much of my life. I might still be bitter, and that’s okay things take time. But time won’t unrot the filthy human you are. Peace b!
王可森 (Kesen)

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