2.15% Baby!


I’m actually really surprised because I didn’t even think that many people read my blog to begin with. To be honest it started out as more of a personal journal when I first started using AmebaOwnd almost two years ago.

The content has probably changed a bit since then as I started writing reviews and how-to’s. the AmebaOwnd English Guide, and doing data highlighting in Google Console, but still like I didn’t expect anybody actually reads anything. Probably as well in part because there’s not a functional comments platform like being able to comment through Facebook or Twitter without creating a account with AmebaOwnd so essentially there’s no feedback so it literally feels most times like I’m talking to myself haha.

Still tho. To those who have read my various ranting posts, or posts about life with HIV, listened to some of my music that I’ve had up or found any of the guides useful. Thanks for reading. 


Making the blog actually helped a lot with the feelings and frustrations I was having with what happened with my ex, and HIV and everything else, I guess I just didn’t realize that actually after I started taking it seriously that somebody would probably read or stumble upon it lol. 

Still I’m not going to change anything or take down old posts because honestly, maybe it’s better I don’t get feedback. It takes the element of hesitation out of it for me. I’m probably able to be more blunt and direct because I’m not going to feel hesitant about it five seconds later haha.

I’m going to keep things going and hopefully add more articles that are more useful and actually worth reading, but I’ll continue to blog about my experience with HIV, just because I feel like it’s something that people should talk about without it being something that’s like, taboo or shameful or something. 

I don’t think HIV itself defines me but like, if I can share my experience and somehow assure others that they’re not alone in going through it and that it is actually quite manageable and almost a non-issue in 2018, then that’s worth it. It’s not a one post deal. There are things that I’m learning more about everyday, and always ways I want to learn about to be more healthy, how to talk about HIV, and just the experience in general. It doesn’t define me but generally I’m a super open person, I’ll talk about anything. Nothing is really off limits. 


Also I’m really inspired lots of times by people who are much more creative in documenting their experience with HIV, and also their stories.  So yeah! Look forward to more in the future. My worse habit is that I start like multiple projects at a time and then take forever to finish them all, I just take on too much instead of focusing on one singular thing, finishing that and moving onto the next. A lot of times you’ll read a post and then reload it two seconds later and find I’ve added like three paragraphs lol. Seriously tho.  Thanks for reading my blog! :) 



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