How to I make changes to the sidebar?

Okay so today we’re just going to cover how to make changes to your sidebar. Not every theme for AmebaOwnd includes a sidebar, so you’ll only see this section in your left menu on Desktop if your using one of the themes which includes a permanently attached right sidebar.

Step One: 

Select カスタマイズ which means Customize, from the left Menu on Desktop or Desktop view

Step Two

The menu will drop down, select サイドバー , (which means Sidebar obv haha) from the list and then it’s gonna load up the elements of your sidebar.

Step Three

From here you can customize the elements of your sidebar. If you want to delete some parts of the sidebar, hover over the element and you’ll see a trash icon appear on the right side, click that’s and confirm. 

You can customize elements of your sidebar in more depth by clicking on the elements.

I will go into more depth about each of the cusotmizeable options available for each element in the near future but today I’m just going to show you how to get to this location and how to delete parts etc.

Step Four

Once your satisfied with the changes you’ve made to the sidebar your going to see two buttons on the top right of the screen.

The left button is to preview the changes you’ve made, which obviously you should do before saving. The right button saves the changes and you can then load your page and confirm the changes have been made.
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