How to Opt-In and Setup Booking for your Salon/Barbershop/Restaurant on Google MyBusiness

Earlier I wrote a post about how to add your list of services, or your menu to your Google MyBusiness only using a mobile device, and briefly talked about not confusing that with opt-in for bookings/appointments.


At the time of writing, adding this functionality to your Google MyBusiness listing requires you to actually opt-in using the form provided here.
Actually it says that this functionality is only limited to region in the US, but I do have this option available in the MyBusiness panel for businesses based in Canada, so Google might just not have updated it yet, I’m not sure.

Anyways just complete that interest form and wait for Google to get back to you either approving or disapproving your request. You’ll have to fill out some information about your businesses website, where it’s located, and your job title etc.

What happens when I’m approved?

After you’ve submitted your application to opt-in with Google and you’ve recieved an email saying you’ve been approved, you’ll notice a new tab on the left menu in your MyBusiness settings labelled “Bookings”. 

From there you’ll see the relevant third-party providers for setting up bookings for your service business with Google and you can be setup and taking bookings within a week. 

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