Adding Services Menu To Google Business From Mobile

Time Needed: 5-10
App Used: Browser For iOS

So for my dad’s shop, I basically do all the Management for their Google listings, well basically everything lol but since this post Is specifically about Google MyBusiness, that’s what we’re going to talk about.

Managing your listing from mobile is somewhat of a cloudy situation half the time, because Google is not always clear about how you perform certain functions, what regions their actually available in, and the whole “My Business Community” doesn’t really serve much of a purpose because they don’t answer you in a clear manner either and most times you’ll end up feeling more frustrated with it when it should be a relatively simple process.

Menu/Services, What’s that?

So the topic today tho is how to add your Menu/Services from mobile. What are Menu/Services? It’s like if your a restaurant and you want to put your menu in your Google listing when someone searches your restaurant, or in my dad’s business case, if you want to have the associated prices and services you offer show up in your Google listing. 

As you can see in the picture above, it’s basically a tab in your MyBusiness listing, that enables you to list the services your business offers. The whole goal with MyBusiness really is to provide a singular source of information about businesses upon your first search query. 

So someone Googles your business, they can see everything about your business in your listing, your hours, what times you busy, when your closed, posts that you make as the business in Google. So really to not optimize and list as much information in your listing as you can it’s setting you back and giving your business less of an ideal image that you Want to have.

It’s also important because your MyBusiness listings is going to show first above other results if correctly optimized, so you want the result that does show for your business to have as much info as possible.

Don’t get confused gurl 

Don’t confuse this with services and bookings, like for hair salons or restaurants Google is offering an opt-in solution for these kinds of businesses that will enable you to sign up with third-party providers who’ve partnered with Google and then make appointments with salons or book a table, that kind of thing. I’m not going to cover that in this post.

Getting down to business

Okay so let’s get down to it. At the time of writing this article, at least in Taiwan, the app doesn’t enable you to add services, which is weird because it’s the official app. You’ll just see an option to change the URL or the attributes of you business. So unfortunately unless your on a desktop computer your going to need to use an app to display the actual true desktop view of Google MyBusiness on the web. This is the app I’m using although you can use whatever you want as long as it’s actually going to display the desktop view. 
Login to your business first by clicking start now or sign in, doesn’t really matter if your already signed in.

Go to the Side tab and select Info

Upon selecting info from the left tab, select services underneath the Website section which is under the business’s telephone number. 

Add the relevant items and sections

Add the reverent sections of your services or menu, and then add the different menu or service items underneath the sections. Add descriptions, price, and title for each service. When you’re finished doing this just click “back”, as there’s no submit or save button but your edits are saved at this point.

Double Check Your Listing

Double check in your my business listing on another browsers or private mode on the browser your using to confirm you’ve added the services and the new tab shows up. You should see now in your listing when you Google your business a new services tab with your menu now present!

Let me know if you have any difficulty doing this on mobile or what you’re experience has been with it.
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