How do I view the amp versions of my AmebaOwnd posts?

So everyone knows having AMP versions of your website is like, a absolute bonus no matter what kind of website you’re running. Why? Because they’re faster, Google will cache the amp versions of your website and you get better real estate in Google search results. Translation: it’s just better. 

Amp in AmebaOwnd

So in AmebaOwnd’s case, it’s a little different and this is another one of those trade offs to running a Wordpress site or static. The way that AmebaOwnd presents the amp versions of your posts is like, not good lol.

So let’s take this post for example and once I publish it, the AMP version of the post will be available almost immediately afterwards.

The Difference

If this were one of my Wordpress sites you’d have something like and the amp version of that page would be something like

But with AmebaOwnd that’s not the case. Sure the results will still show in Google search as like the canonical being your content but the actually domain address is not gonna to be yours.

So let’s take this post for example. The URL is:

So to view the amp version of the post I just created, I need to swap out my domain which is for AmebaOwnd’s amp domain which is*insert your post number here*

So I’m grabbing the post number from the URL of my published post which is 4885304 and then just swapping the domain out, so the new URL would be:

I’m not really sure why they do it like that, and it’s also a pain in the ass to have to change the URL to post a amp version of your post, because AmebaOwnd doesn’t share the amp version of your post when sharing to social networks (as of now), but perhaps in the future.

The Actual Problem In Google Search Console

Because the amp version of your AmebaOwnd website is being served by another domain, the canonical for your amp Article is actually not your domain, it’s
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