Revisting this old shit

I literally have so many old songs and covers and shit on my google drive from those two years I basically spent by myself in my apartment with the cats.

Listening to them now, although the vocal sucks it’s like, someone how consciously I knew everything that was coming. I’m not ashamed of what I went through tho and how I dealt with it. At least I wasn’t out fucking everyone. I love how you hold thag to such high esteem. That’s such an examp of your morals.

I’ll fine with the fact it took me so long to process shit and I used that time to create things. Whatever. I’m gonna do what makes me happy same goes for you and everyone else.

Anyways even tho some of them are so shitty it’s like, singing, making music, it’s the one thing that someone can’t take away from you and that can essentially last forever. I love making music and recording. 
王可森 (Kesen)

Canadian Born, Asia-Raised. Currently living in Taiwan. Interests include basically anything tech/web, music (Listen to my album on the left Menu!) Asian Politics and Policy, and Asian Boys lolol.