Hush Blankets : Buyer Beware!!

A few weeks ago I purchased both the 2-In-1 Iced and Normal weighted blanket from Hush Blankets. I was excited to try these out as A) I’m a hot sleeper B) I wanted to support a Canadian company and C) I love sleeping.

If you don’t know, Hush Blankets was featured on season 14 of Dragons Den and was successful in their pitch. On paper everything looks great, but the website, customer service, and the delivery are utter and complete disasters.
Hush Blankets on Dragons Den
Photo Credit: CBC

Let’s start with the website. There are a couple red flags with business practices that resemble spammy, fake business practices online. Not saying they are- but the resemblance was the first red flag. You’ll be treated with Promo codes over and over for purchases each varying in price. 

The Website

Promo codes are never a bad thing don’t get me wrong, you should always try and use them. But do a search and you’ll find better ones that give you the full $50 off your purchase, which I did twice and ordered separately rather then getting just $50 off a combined purchase.

The reviews on the website seem to be relatively unbiased, but you’ll find some of them hidden in there which have stated they haven’t received blankets way past the promised shipping date. This doesn’t seem to be uncommon and if you take a look at their BBB profile you’ll see the reasons why. I’ll address that in a bit.

Wheel of lies

For a in-depth explanation of how the wheel spin discount is rigged to ensure you’ll never get the 40% or 30% off coupons, you can take a look at the code here. 

Customer Service

Customer service is quick to respond within a couple days by email, or within a couple hours by in-website chat. That being said, it seems more likely support is stringing you along and cannot give you an accurate date as to when your products will ship. I was told on a couple occasions that my order had been placed as high-priority and was set to ship out in a couple days, when another agent told me that they were just shipping out pre-orders from the month before still and that due to COVID there were limited people in the warehouse so to expect delays. To date I have not received any email communication about the two orders being shipped.

Customer Service isn’t slow to respond, but it feels more like they are playing game’s rather then giving you a definitive answer on order status.
After being set on “High Priority” they have again assured me that the order will ship soon this time upgrading to “urgent”. I have been following up every few days.


So the weighted blanket finally came. I can’t argue with the quality and sleeps have been good. The iced duvet cover is terrible quality but the weighted blanket works as should.

Here’s been another nightmare to ad to the list of interactions with Hush Blankets.

They ended up after saying the sheets I bought in stock in July would be sent in October saying that they were out of stock but they are releasing version “2.0” and would give me a discount to which I declined- sending out a QUEEN DUVET COVER instead of Queen iced sheets and pillow case set.

The interaction with customer service is once again, completely ridiculous. A normal company would apologize and then get those sheets out ASAP. Hush Blankets? This is what they offered:

Thank you for sending the photos and apologies for the trouble!
I informed our warehouse team about this so it does not happen in the future. We can process the exchange but an easier option so you don't have to go through returning and waiting for the sheet set is I can give you 50% off the sheet set if you order a new one and keep the Iced cover. This way, you'd also have an extra Iced cover so no more waiting for laundry to dry :)
Also, if you purchase a new sheet set now, it will be our unreleased Iced 2.0! It's 2 x cooler and more expensive so the 50% discount will surely be an advantage for this new version.
Let me know if you are interested and I'll give you a special discount code!
Mao from Hush

So their solution is to buy more products from them after they made a mistake and shipped and entirely useless product to me? How can I use a Queen sized duvet cover as an extra for a King sized weighted blanket? Ridiculous.

I will update this section as interactions with the Hush team take place. I have also advised them of the site.

Social Media

Due to the lack of any kind of phone support you don’t have that many options to reach out to the support team. 

I’ve reached out several times as they currently are accepting orders but it seems like nothing is shipping. I’ve posted to Twitter and Instagram inquiring about order status and the current situation- all to have those comments removed on both Instagram and Twitter. This is defiantly a red flag for me and super shady in terms of business practices.

Meanwhile, if you check out their LinkedIn page you are more likely to get a response or reaction then through Twitter or Instagram.

Indiegogo & Kickstarter Failed Promises

Take a look at the full list of comments on both Indiegogo and Kickstarter below to get a better understanding of the scope of just how many customers have been fooled into purchasing blankets from Hush Blankets and have not received their purchases.

Of course, with crowd-funding events you’re looking at a more specific type of ordering and the customer “understands” there is some risk as the business acknowledges possible shipping delays if demand is greater, but typically the business works out these bottleneck issues once the product goes from a Kickstarter to full production. Hush Blankets continual failure to deliver to customers as promised is disappointing to say the least.

BBB Profile

Similarly you can find the same complaints on the BBB profile for Hush Blankets, and BBB is a pretty good indicator for businesses, as well as a good place for businesses to mediate complaints with customers and work to maintain their rating, but it seems Hush Blankets is not willing to do so.

What you can do

Your rights under the Consumer Protection Act

Under the Consumer Protection Act, when you order a product, it must be delivered within 30 days of the promised delivery date or you can ask for a refund. However, if you choose to keep the item that was delivered late, you lose your right to get a refund for it.

The following steps below are through the Consumer Protection Ontario. As the company is located in North York this would be the best bet for initiating a complaint with them. 

Step 1: inform the business of your complaint

You should advise the business of your complaint by letter, email, or by phone before filing a complaint with us. We recommend writing to the business before you file a complaint with us.

Make sure your letter or email includes:
• The name of the business
• How your rights were violated
• If you’ve reached out to the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services
• If you advise the business by phone, make sure to note the date and details of the conversation.

Tip: Use the complaint template that they already have in PDF form for you on the website to make sure that you are following the guidelines. Since Hush Blankets has no phone customer service line, you’ll have to send a copy of the complaint by mail. Make sure you take a picture of the mail or keep a copy of the completed letter with a date on it as proof that you send communication to them. Or a tracking number or registered mail would suffice. I know this seems like a bit much, but they have seem to have pulled this same scam on many consumers. 

Step 2: Initiate a complaint online

Now that you’ve gone ahead and sent the letter and waited a reasonable amount of time, and assuming there has been no response and no resolution reached the next step is to go ahead and file a complaint online.

This is a fairy simple process. The online form must be filled out within sixty minutes and be sure to have the proof of your letter you have sent. It will ask for contact information for you, as well as the business and details of your complaint. After this they will contact you within 15 days.

What Happens next?

Assuming more and more people go ahead and file complaints against Hush Blankets they can be looking at anything from restrictions on licensing, to investigations, and even fines and imprisonment for individuals. They also have the chance to respond to mediation as well. Given the amount of people that have been misled by this company, combined with their complete lack of response associated with their BBB profile, the stage seems already set to showcase just how unwilling the company is to communicate and workout promised purchases with customers. 

Logically the more people who go ahead and file complaints the more likely it is for the business to be subject to investigation or fined for violating consumer protection laws. A full descriptive list of the action the consumer association may take can be found here.


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