Winter Ain’t All Blues ❄️

Woooo, it’s been a minute since I’ve written a personal post and spoken about some of the recent updates in life.

A couple months back I started seeing a psychologist bi-weekly and was in a much different place then I was now. I was literally still hung up on bad memories and had formed some bad habits. It’s been a journey but I’m always working towards better stability and better mental health.
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Winter has arrived girlies #Winter

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At first I was kind of awkward initially but as time goes by you definitely form a closer relationship, and learn to disclose more in the session, without being embarrassed or ashamed. They’ve seen it all so, you don’t need to be hesitating to disclose anything.

Work & School

I’ve decided to again take most of my courses online this semester so I can stay a couple more months and pay off my existing student loan before taking another one.

I kind of battled with this decision because honestly Newfoundland makes me feel quite depressed but I have to think logically as well.

I’ve also started seeing someone new so that definitely helps with my mood lol.

Im also seriously considering to actually go after what I want and enroll for a degree in sound engineering but then I’m also half afraid I’ll be poor as f. But man we all know peeps with degrees and they’re working at call centres, so. I went ahead and applied.

It’s definitely something that I have to take the time to think over. On one hand, music is always something I’ve wanted to do, but that probably means that I’ll have to be living in Newfoundland during that time unless I get a job while working in Vancouver.

I’m already in the middle of an Asian Studies degree so I’m not even sure what decision I’m going to be making but I’ll defiantly take the time and not take either decision lightly.


So I got served almost a month back and I’m in process of serving a response to request spousal support. Honestly I wasn’t going to respond and just let the divorce go through but legal counsel recommended that I pursue what I’m entitled to, and at this point I’m no longer an emotional wreck about what happened so I’m in the right mind to go through with this now.

Honestly I don’t really expect to get that much out of it financially, and most parts of this I can’t talk about for legal reasons, but this is more about me standing up for myself and just sending a clear message that I’m not who I used to be anymore, and I won’t be walked over. He’ll get what’s coming to him in the long run either way, and it’s not my responsibility to pursue that. I realize a long time ago that In order to hate someone you have to care for them, and you also have to sacrifice some of yourself to throw hate on them, and that’s just not happening anymore. I don’t bare enough to hate anymore.
Waaaa I can’t believe I won! Sophie is the COCK DESTROYER. Actually she’s helped in more ways then she probably knows. For a laugh, for reminding me to take care of myself- and for everything she is. She’s actually a crazy advocate for those living with HIV/AIDS as well and does tons of charity work and donations.
Waaaaa I love Christmas!!! Really kind of splurged this time on my mom and my sisters gift but I really wanted to get them some stuff from Paula’s Choice. My mom is already hooked and buys her own products, but my sister only had a travel cleanser and BHA which I had leftover, so I’m excited to gift her a full routine and a good Retinol for night time over the current TO one she uses (No shade, PC is just better and a more rounded forumula for night time use) 


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