Mom Does Hanacure

Hahaha so I got the Hanacure mask delivered by DHL last week and my mom decided to finally take it for a spin along with the nano emulsion formula that is included.

I don’t think she was nervous at all going into it she just thought it was a regular mask. Ten minutes later she started to feel a tight pulling, and told my Dad to ask me to bring down the mirror.

She was actually petrified haha it was so hilarious. And she motioned for me to grab a pen and write down

I’m afraid it’s going to disfigure me

She actually scared me for a moment cause the mask actually does like tighten the hell out of your face. And there will be really dark parts where it almost turns like a brown color, I’m guessing from what it sucks out.

But she’s a trooper and stuck it out for the full half hour and then washed off her face in this huge sigh of relief and she was like I’m scared to look ahahah. 

When she did tho my mom was literally like I can’t even believe what it does to your skin. Like so many products are like, false promises but seriously this actually did so much in such a small amount of time, she’s so pumped for me to get more now haha. Also I am dying to order the mask as well.

Obviously the lipstick does not come with the mask haha. She just tried on the Shiseido Powder lipstick I gave her along with some samples and this cute blue Shiseido bag.

She then put on the nano emulsion moisturizer and hit the sheets.  Honestly I don’t think I have to give much of a review for this product cause the results really speak for themselves. She’s like, I just need to figure out how to get these for free lol.
For those who wanna check Hanacure out see the link below. You can order a single facial or the set which includes 4. And the nano emulsion is also on preorder.


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