Kicking The Habit

Like I mentioned in the previous post about being money wise, I’ve been a week now without smoking. I know that’s not a length of time yet to be bragging about anything but I am set on staying off cigarettes at all costs.

Ya’ll are gonna stay it’s still similar to smoking which is true, but it’s still harm reduction. I’m just using an e-cigarette now with level 12 nicotine, which is still high yes, but tommorow I start on six which will last a week, 3 for another week, 1.5 for a week, and then after that I’m tossing that vape in the garbage.

The first couple days have honestly been the hardest because you still get intense cravings to smoke pretty strongly off and on. I was at work a couple times and everyone goes out for smoke break, and I’m just smoking the vape so it’s like, tempting but seriously I’ve realized they all smell like ass and trash lmfao.

A lot of the times I’d get cravings to smoke was like when I was bored, or in the morning when I’m making coffee, or at work during smoke break when everyone else goes out. Obviously now with the vape it’s honestly not the same as smoking a cigarette no, but it does keep you occupied long enough for the craving to pass.


My motivation honestly was my face lmfao. My skin in particular. I’ve seen how smoking effects people long term or who have been smoking for a decade and I just don’t want to do that to myself. I don’t have anyvisible  wrinkles at this point on my face at 30. 

I spend so much on skincare routines and restocking those products, doing a mask daily if not twice a day, exfoliating serums essence all that shit, so it didn’t make any sense to be using any products to maintain my skin while still having the dirty habit that only serves to make it worse, and fast.

Hitting 30 sucks man. A lot of people say it’s just the new 20’s but it’s not, like I can’t believe this much time has passed already. I feel old as fuck. 

Saved Dollas

You actually save so much fucking money by not smoking. So much so like come February 8th now I’ll be buying a 15’ MacBook Pro. That’s not pure savings from quitting smoking no, but I probably wouldn’t have been able to afford it while keeping on with the habit.

I’m also going to be getting major dental work done as well as some other things that just won’t mix well with smoking lol.

I can actually start working my way back up to having a decent audio setup now as well, and purchase a RODE K2 which I recorded my first album on as well, and after that some more things for the studio.

I haven’t smoked like consistently since I first started at 19, there’s been many years that I haven’t, probably six or seven in total but if there’s ever been a good time to quit, it’s now. 


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