Getting Money Wise

This card was already cancelled so don’t get any ideas lololol.

No Secrets

Okay so this probably doesn’t come as a secret to most of my friends or family, but up until recently I have been absolutely horrible with money. Which I guess started out from a younger age and I’m just learning to get my shit together now.

When I first got a credit card it was like, just around 24 or so, when I was studying in Vancouver and got approved for two credit cards actually, from BMO and RBC. Each with decent limits like $3500. I mean for a student with no job at the time it was pretty decent.

I pretty much maxed that within like a week, even with my student loan I was stupidly spending on shit I didn’t need. Like a new MacBook, phone, cosmetic stuff just endless stupid shit. I had no concept of saving then, and it’s like I didn’t even care that I was going to have to pay it back, and with interest.

It’s come a long way since then although the temptation to overspend is still there. I recently got a Cathy Pacific card through RBC, and although admittedly I still spent more then I was making, I’m super aggressive about the payments now as well. Minimum payment was about 57.00 upcoming, I just paid $1200, with another $800 payment coming on the 11th of January.

I’ve also started to make payments on my student loan, which in the future since I’m going back to school I’m going to need to probably take out more. In order to do that I have to be making regular payments, there’s about $2900.00 in interest racked up, with about $53.00 currently in interest a month. I called and negotiated a $75 payment monthly but honestly that’s way too low. My goal is to pay off the interest sum in full by May, and that way then my loan will be able to enter rehabilitation.

That’s kind of been my focus since I’ve come back to Newfoundland. Getting back on my feet and stable not only like emotionally, physically, but also financially and trying to avoid the same mistakes I’ve made throughout the years that have gotten me here in the first place.

Reducing Monthly Spending

So while I’m getting ready to go back to school I’m just living with my parents ATM. Which is not horrible, I’m usually at work every day. It’s actually a good setup because I’m not paying out half my paycheque in rent, so I’m able to make bigger payments on credit card, student loan etc.

A lot of the times it comes down to asking myself what I need versus what I want. Online shopping is actually the worst for trying to save any money, I actually have to stay away from it. I’ll start browsing and then it’s not like I can buy just one thing, I can easily go through a paycheque in unnecessary purchases in less then an hour seriously.

Quitting Smoking

I remember when I had my first interview in Japan when I was 19. It was for a private English school which taught like all ages of people, kids, middle aged women, seniors, and tailored lessons based on student preference. At that time my hair was blonde lmfao, I remember the boss when we had the interview was like, you’re gonna have to die your hair back black lol. He also brought in a ash-tray and suggested we smoke, which was weird for me at first but not so much so after living in Japan for almost six years haha.

And so habit began off and on. In Asia, cigarettes are way cheaper then they are to buy in Canada so I developed a habit, but not so much a dependency I think in terms of being addicted to cigarettes but the social aspect of it that’s more prevelant in Asia.

I’ve now stubbed that habit. Started vaping, not with the intention of continuing to vape, honestly I hate the taste of it, but it does keep me from going to cigarettes. You can get different levels of nicotine in the “juices” so I basically just bought a 9,3, and 1.5. The plan is to throw it all away after finishing the 1.5. 

I think honestly you’re chances of actually using it as a good smoking cessation device largely depends on if you like vaping or not, a lot of people start vaping with the intention of quitting smoking and then they like vaping so much they continue on.

Yuck. I actually hate the taste so much, it’s like burnt pepper ass lol.

I hate vaping. It doesn’t feel like smoking a cigarette and it tastes like burnt pepper lol. The first couple days I seriously wanted to go and smoke so bad. I don’t even understand what I was addicted to with smoking because you still get nicotine with vaping until you wind it down. I’m never going to pick Smoking up again after this. I’ve invested so much in skin care this year and my skin is probably better then it’s been in my twenties so, I want to continue making it better and not partaking in this dirty habit lol.

It’s also much better to not be smoking if you have HIV, and also so much better financially. You don’t need me to calculate how much I save now not buying cigarettes but it’s a sizeable amount. I’m going to purchase a MacBook 15’ the end of this month, and I’ll still be saving annually in comparison to when I used to smoke.


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