So This Is Christmas

Well Not Yet

But T-Minus 4 days. Time has actually flown since I started a new job, basically at a call Center for Rogers. I deferred my study plan until May in order to be more financially prepared for when I go back to school in B.C.

This is the first time now I’ve been home and the whole family will be together for Christmas since I can’t remember when. The past ten years when I’ve been in Japan & Taiwan I’ve probably been back three times for Christmas, the last time being when I came back with my ex-hb. Not that much has changed actually with Newfoundland, same old same old, boring cold and gets dark at insane times of the day, but it’s nice to be back and getting into a bit of a routine.

It’s actually been tough adjusting to the weather tho. It’s literally minus whatever and windy here all the time, super cold. My skin was like, dry as fuck and always red as well, but on the upside since there’s like no sun I’m gonna get pale as fuck by the time I leave again haah.

Work has been pretty good. We’re basically in ending the third week of training now today, next week is a bunch of review topics followed by an assessment, and then we’ll graduate to nesting which is like, we’re on the floor taking calls but with a buddy system and with our team leader being there, that also lasts another four weeks but like, at least we will be pre-occupied and somewhat stimulated because the whole training thing felt like it dragged on forever, and that we were in some kind of university-esqe class learning about customer service and telecoms haha.
Also, update on my medication situation and treatment. It’s been ten days now since I’ve started taking Genvoya everyday. I don’t know if I’ve experienced any side effects really with the exception of some insomnia. I couldn’t fall asleep yesterday until noon and then I literally slept three hours woke up and went to work. Work ended 11:30 last night and it’s currently 5:17am and I haven’t slept yet. 
Seriously it’s frigid 24/7 and everything shuts down at like 11pm. I’m still adjusting to the contrast between here and Asia lifestyle.
Besides the insomnia part it’s been quite good, I feel like I have so much more energy and less stress now then I did before starting, which is a good sign. I also feel less depressed if that makes sense at all. Work has definitely contributed to that as well, it’s been weeks in training now and our Wave has pretty good chemistry between us all and there’s a bunch of really colourful personalities and obviously making friends is so much more of a benefit.

My coworker Brianna told me yesterday like, okay we had these icebreaker excercises the first day or two, and basically I’m socially awkward as fuck and I will do anything to avoid like forced interactions with people lol, so I was just like using my phone during the exercises because I’m too nervous to actually engage with people, and Brianna was like, look at him he thinks he’s too good to even talk to us Hahahaha. Which is not the case, I think I give that impression to a lot of people when they first meet me, but it’s actually because I’m super nervous and anxious about meeting new people initially, it’s totally something I need to work on.
The app above is the one that I use to keep track of my med adherence, as stupid as that sounds because it’s only one a day, but adherence is one of the biggest challenges now with treatment of HIV. And like you have days you forget things right? But you can’t with these pills (well I mean you can but eventually you’d build up resistance and not be able to use them anymore and lower your chances of successful treatment, which you obviously don’t want to do) you have to try and adhere to the schedule of taking them the same time every single day without fail.

I think starting out your more likely to pay more attention to it and make sure you’re always taking them, but I don’t want to slack off, I wanna keep organized about it and also so I can review the times I take the pills with my doctor when I have my next appointment. So the app is good because it records the time, and calculates the weeekly or monthly adherence as well.

My biggest fear I guess with this is that I’ll forget to take my meds with me someday, or that I’ll sleep in too much past the time I’m supposed to take them or make it a habit. So I’m just really trying to stick with this app, as well I’ve made location based alerts in iOS so that I’ll get a reminder on my Apple Watch as well as on my iPhone when I’m leaving the house so I can make sure that I’ve taken them.

It’s also the financial aspect of it as well. Those pills are upwards of $1500.00 for one month, so if you lose a pill you’re essentially losing $60 bucks. So I want to keep them at home and just either take one with me and take it at work, or take it before going to work to basically just minimize the chances that I’d forget or lose one.

I also looked at Bluetooth pill boxes that sync with Apple Health but honestly I’m not quite sure what the purpose of those are if you’re just taking one medication. Sure it reminds you to take the meds when your at home and your pill box is there but it reminds you in the form of a notification. Essentially the only step your skipping by using one of those devices is having to either open the app and click that you’ve taken your pill, or click take when you get the prompt on your Apple Watch, so currently I can’t see any benefit or means to shell out more money on something that’s really not going to help ensure adherence. 

I think as well after a little while of developing the routine, you’ll just take them like clockwork and it’ll be hard wired in your mind lol.
Christmas was actually so much fun this year, even tho I had to work Christmas Eve, we were just watching home alone and I ended up leaving early. 

It was really nice. Like all four of us and Yuki. My sister pretty much destroyed any chances of me having the better present for my parents by buying my mom Garth Brook concert tickets lol. Bitch.
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