Back On Track

So after a little bit of back and forth, some delays from MCP and NLPDP I finally got an email from the immunodeficiency clinic letting me know that I had been approved for coverage and could pickup my meds from my local pharmacy.

There was a little more of a hiccup after that point as they said the special authorization hasn’t come through at that point for Genvoya, which took a couple days, but as of yesterday I’m finally back on meds.

Crazy when you think about it actually. Without medical coverage a 30 day supply would cost you over $1500.00CAD. Which really makes me worry about the future because I’m obviously going to be limited by having to finance that if I choose to leave Canada again at some point, but we’ll take it as we go I guess. Japan and Taiwan both have pretty good coverage for residents so I’ll just have to make sure I’m either in a position that enables me to financially cover these drugs, or have some kind of coverage again.

Hopefully I’ll see the day in which everyone is finally cured of HIV, that would actually be great. 

Emotionally I’m doing much better as well. It’s like the instant I had the meds in my hand this huge stress just went away. Even the first two days I’ve been on the meds now it’s like, it just makes me super relived to know that there’s actually medicine in my body right now working to bring down my viral level and eventually my CD4 will go back up as well.

As for side effects, there haven’t really been any man. No nausea or hot sweats or vertigo common with the older drugs. Mane a little bit of insomnia but I’m naturally a night owl anyways so it’s normally pretty difficult for me to adhere to a regular sleeping schedule.

I started a new job as well, at a local call Center, and deferred my studies at Kwantlen until the summer semester, just because I think it’s a more wise idea to actually save up money, and stay in Newfoundland for a while while I’ve got a good support system, the clinic, and my family. When I go back to school now I’ll have enough money saved to take my time finding a new job at that point, get a new MacBook and pay the initial tuition.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a conventional job, like I’ve been living in Asia for over a decade and have done jobs like all over the place, teaching, translating , modelling, kinda crazy when you think about it. But I don’t have any complaints agout my current job honestly. The people are great, it’s a huge benefit financially as well as just socially. There are some really great people who work there and there’s probably over 500 seats, so it’s a good opportunity to get to know new people and form new friendships and stuff.

When I was in Taiwan I’d always just like, work alone, stay alone, always just alone for most of the time so it’s nice to switch it up now. I’m still focused like I know what I want and what I expect from myself over the next year or so and long-term as well I’ve planned goals, but I long since realized the importance of taking care of myself more then just physically but mentally as well. Your mental health often times takes a back-seat to physical, but your mentality in life shouldn’t be underestimated.

So I’m in a good place right now I can say. We will see now in the coming months how I do with this medication. Blood tests will be done again to ensure it’s actually working and things are improving. I’ll also be continuing to see the social worker at the clinic to take care of some mental health issues and just general issues as well, so overall, it’s just all positive.

My aunt mentioned to me a couple days ago about how I shouldn’t post things to social media and honestly maybe I understand the reservation from some people, family care about you, obviously I understand that. But they also have to understand that it’s that same mentality, that fear really that has pushed people from testing and getting treated and in 2018, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to be out about your status. 

If anything now I’m just like, I’m on this journey now irregardless, and it’s long term, and if I can give others insight into what that journey is like, whether that be up or down (at times) to encourage others to actually be open and positive about their status and their lives, that’s great. We have no reason to be ashamed. 

I haven’t had this kind of stability in life now for a while since my estranged? Husband left so like, this is good. I’m taking care of me, and I’ll continue to do so.
王可森 (Kesen)

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