NLPDP Application

So in my previous post about applying for the NLPDP at my last appointment I kind of left it at that and there’s a couple updates to share since that time, so this is an update in the ongoing story.

So things got a little more complicated then initially thought. Someone from the program called and left a voice message on my voicemail a couple days ago that basically stated before actually being able to process my application they would need my 2017 tax returns in order to actually assess me.

Problem being, I was a non-resident in Canada in 2017 and subsequent years before obviously because I was in Taiwan. So like I mean I still obviously have to go ahead and file taxes despite having no income in Canada at that time.

This under normal circumstances wouldn’t be an issue but what concerns me is that because I was a non-resident I’m not able to use Netfile to submit my application, so I have to actually drop it off at revenue Canada, or courier it to the Center in Sudbury I’m guessing, obviously since Canada Post is striking I’m not going go go with them. 

But even once that tax return is recived then I’m waiting on the actual notice of assessment which takes between 4-6 weeks to receive. Which means I have to wait that time without medicine or cover it out of my own pocket, great.

Like I get that this is a necessary step I’m just kind of pissed that I wasn’t aware of this when first starting all these appointments and shit when first returning to Canada because if I had the heads up I would have obviously completed this. Like these are life-altering drugs that people with HIV have to be on so I’m probably just going to end up paying this myself since I’m not going to wait another month for my CD4 count to even go lower, like what happens to applicants in this situation normally. Maybe they don’t have that many that we’re out of country I’m not sure.

So I’ve completed the tax application already and printed and signed the form. By Monday I’ll touch base with the program and make sure I’m doing the right thing and go ahead and mail off the tax thing anyways because either way it’s something that I should get done, I literally have no tax returns for years in Canada.

I’ll update when I figure out what to do next and how long this whole thing should take. At least if someone is in a similar situation in the future they can benefit from these posts by at least getting a general guideline of how these things work.


So quick update, situation is looking much better. I got in touch with NLPDP and basically they were unaware that in 2017 and 2018 I was a non-resident of Canada. So obviously I have no 2017 Tax returns, or prior years to that. So anyways they went ahead with the application, and basically the result will come out via mail, and at that point then I’ll be able to start getting medicine! 

What medicine are you taking?

So the medicine I’m going to be starting on is called Genvoya, which is a one-a-day pill, much better from when I first started taking meds in Taiwan which was like Combovir and Effarinez I believe? And that came with mad side effects so this one is far superior in comparison.


You know what I’ve realized that sucks tho? So the cost of Genvoya is like 40-61.50 a pill. You take a pill a day. As you probably know from reading my blog, I’m studying Asian Studies and planning to move back to Asia in the near future. What sucks is that these pills are for life. 40-60 dollar pills for life. 

So gone are the days where I can just choose to live wherever because I’ve also now got to assure that I will have access to medication, and some kind of insurance or a job that I can still afford to fork out almost two grand Canadian or more a month for meds that keep me from dying.

That’s a tougher pill to swallow. That’s why I’m so like, when Willy was just skanking around and knowingly spreading HIV. While yes it’s everyone’s individual right to protect themselves it’s like, why would you knowingly expose someone else to this knowing full well just how much it will change their life? And while I’ll get so much hate for saying it that’s truly how I feel. If your undetectable that’s one thing, but people can say what they want, I still think that if the thought doesn’t cross your mind of just how this will affect another person,  then somethings wrong with your thinking honestly.

Everything I do now has to revolve around this. Around access to medication, insurance and adfordability. That’s not something I take lightly at all. We’re all forced to “grow up” at some point and this is it.

To those who disagree with me, that’s fine. I don’t really care. This is just how I feel and you’re entitled to your opinion just as much as I am mine. But you’re not always in a situation where it’s just like, protect yourself. It could be someone you trust and aren’t having protected sex anymore, someone you’d trust to not be having threesomes and hotel hookups after five or six years together, and then bam, your in the same situation. It’s sucks. My whole life has changed and the freedom that I had before and took for granted is just gone.


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