Foreo Luna 2 For Men Review

Using Luna 2 For Men now has become a part of my daily routine. Prior to this I would just use my hands to apply cleanser and then rinse and use moisturizer. Luna 2 actually keeps your face super clean and over regular use keeps your skin amazingly glowly and healthy looking. Seriously.


Totally Worth It

Product Price: $160.00CAD via Sephora Black Friday Sales

So this is a review of Luna 2 For Men by FOREO. I must admit I’m catching up to the game a little late because my ex-husband had one along with his friends back when they first came out three or four years ago.  Sephora ended up having a 20% off sale, so I got it at a reduced price, but then they further discounted it to $160.00 Canadian so I just exchanged it and got that price, loved a deal when I can get one.

Actually took longer then usual because of the Canada Post strike situation in Canada, but it finally came and I was so excited to try it out because I’ve heard some really great things.
A lot of people are against male/female market products, and while I can sympathize with that perception, you also have to see our side, or a gay mans side of that argument lol.

 A lot of the times there are great products that just are marketed only for women, and the Luna 2 is actually different from the Luna 2 For Men, so it’s honestly quite refreshing in my opinion for skin care products to be marketed at Men now as well, since like come on men are more concerned about their appearance then they have been in the past. 

About My Skin Type

My skin type is pretty regular I guess, combination. I get dryness sometimes in Canada on my nose, and when I’m in Taiwan I’ll sometimes get blackheads, which Luna 2 is superior for like honestly, they GTFO after like 3 days use. 

My skin tone is fair, I avoid the sun like the plague, if I do get sun exposure I’ll get freckles, but living in Newfoundland now you don’t have to worry about that too much, although I use SPF in my everyday routine as well. 

I also get the worst under eye circles in the morning, which go away like mid-day, at least the puffiness. But I don’t get pimples like almost ever, maybe once or twice a year so in that sense it’s good.

I’m kind of a firm believer that you can’t find a fix-it-all product and that if you drink water properly and eat non-crap foods most of the time your skin will also reflect that. So any product is going work to an extent but honestly this is one of the best products I’ve tried so far. It works like super well.

The Device

It’s actually really cute. Comes in one colour, black For Men. It’s made of silicone and looks good too, a lot of the alternatives for skin cleansing machines are like those harsh-ass looking brushes which honestly like, do people actually put those on their face? It’s like toothbrush edges just rubbing on your skin. 

While charging the device glows via its LED light on the bottom of the device, also in routine with a steady glow when it’s paused between two stages, cleansing, and anti-aging.
It comes with a cute travelling bag as well, as the thing easily fits in your hand so you can take it with you wherever your going. And a hours charge gets you like seven months of use from the Luna 2 so you don’t have to charge it all the time, although I think it’s quite aesthetically pleasing with the glowing and blinking light so it wouldn’t be so bad if you did have to charge it more often lol.

The Routine

So it’s quite simple, you just start of with your favourite cleanser for your face and apply that to your face either in-shower, or just after you’ve gotten your face wet with water, then press the button once to get started with your routine.

I moved back from Taiwan and I ran out of my usual cleaner and it’s a b to replace, so I’m just in the process of waiting on the accompanying FOREO Cleanser For Men that you can use with your Luna 2 For Men to come via DHL, and then I’ll work the review of the cleanser in with this one.
While I initially spoke highly of this cleanser, I’ve since replaced this in my skin care routine with Shiseido Cleansing Foam For Men or the Deep Scrub. While the ingredients may be decent for this cleanser, it just doesn’t deliver.

The cleanser is next to impossible to work into a foam. Also I bought three assuming they would be like the last ones I purchased from The Shopping Channel and despite shaking the product the first twenty pumps of the product was clear, wtf, for its price you should be able to get all of the product.

Was not impressed with the other three that I ordered. Almost like it was old and the actual formula was separated. The smell is also quite nasty and of a cheap perfume.

Oh my god my hands normally do not look this veiny wtf haha. As you can see from the above photos the cleanser is a dark-violet colour and when applying water you get a little bit of a foam which gradually increases to a lather if you work it into the skin and use a bit more product.

The only thing I would caution about the cleanser as really with any product if you have quite sensitive skin like mine is to not leave it on for too long. Any length of time anything is left on my face in terms of cleaners and I’ll get a really uncomfortable burning sensation.

Anyways I do feel like the cleanser is a must as well, it works and also you don’t know when your using certain cleansers if it’s going to discolor the silicone your device is made of but this paired cleanser actually doesn’t leave any residue or cause your Luna to become discoloured so it’s good. The smell is not great, but it works it’s intended purpose, I’ll have to use it for a bit longer to judge the benefits long term. 

It’s harder to find the cleanser for purchase other then direct from Foreo so I’m going to buy 5 next time I order just because I think the cleanser is good and it takes a while to find a good cleanser for your skin and this feels premium haha. Also you have to pay for the DHL processing fee and advance payment for customs anyways so it makes sense to order it in larger quantities.

Back to device use 

You then use the device on the areas of your face instructed in the manual, although honestly it took me a couple times to get used to it and I’d just let it go for longer then a minute as indicated, although I’m not sure if thatdetrimental to your skin, so I’ve managed to imitate the video guide perfectly now haha.

 Between each section do your skin the machine will vibrate in quick pulses to let you know to move on to the next area. 

You’ll complete all the sections, and then press the button to pause before the next step, rinse your face and dry it. The next section is the anti-aging stage, so you can use either like a serum or a moisturizer. 

You then switch to the other side of the Luna 2 and then press the button once again to start the anti-aging process. The machine then emits slower pulses which supposedly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, although I’ll have to see long term if these claims are actually true lol.

Potential Downsides


Probably price is a major factor if you’re not getting it at a reduced price, $229CAD regular is not like pennies to pay for a facial cleansing product. Also if you do purchase from Foreo and your Canadian, they ship with DHL so factor that into the price. 

For example the cleanser 100ML that I bought was like $36.00CAD, then with shipping $52.00 , but then when it arrived through customs the total for duty was like $22.24 for duty. Which I thought was crazy cause they should charge like 8.00 according to customs website, so I called them but it turns out also that DHL charges a brokerage fee to handle your parcel clearing customs, so that drives the total for a $36.00 product up to $72.24, which is crazy really but I just won’t buy that again unless I’m going to order several at a time. It’s better to find a Canadian website that ships within Canada like Sephora if you can to avoid having to pay extra duty when your stuff clears customs.


I wouldn’t use this obviously for removing foundations or bb creams it’s almost better to remove your makeup prior to using your Foreo Luna, just because I’ve used to once to wash off like BB cream I still had on my face, and it kind of gives the silicone this lighter tint now that can’t really be removed, maybe with some cleaner for the device or silicone but that was the one I exchanged so I’ll make sure not to do that again lol.

Is it worth it?

Is it worth the price? Yes. Like it’s become a part of my regular daily routine in the morning and in the night. It’s also important to make good choices with cleansers, moisturizers and serums as you know obviously this machine just doesn’t work by itself without any products. But the method itself works, and it’s also much better then applying cleanser and moisturizer with just your hands. A lot of people as well, especially guys apply moisturizers and shit without washing their hands (Don’t do that lol.) 

I would recommend this honestly to anyone who cares about their skin, who doesn’t? And to those who just want to keep it looking healthy and fresh. Honestly I use BB cream or foundation sometimes but I find myself using it less and less since I got this machine. It’s not saying it will replace makeup like, I still am gonna use concealer for my underrated somedays lol. But honestly I see this as a good investment for your skin, and if the anti-aging claims are true it’ll be an even better one haha.

I’ve really fallen in love with this device, and today is Black Friday actually so they have a sale on their most of their devices, including the UFO device,  which for anyone who’s a fan of sheet masks, which we use all the time in Taiwan, especially the ones from Korea, apparently Foreo has made the UFO machines with masks using Korean formulas which heats up and cools down and also has the sonic pulses. 

You can check out the Luna 2 and their other products at the link below. This ain’t some affiliate deal or anything like that, I just like to post reviews of shit I actually buy and then review them so others who are also interested in similar products can get a heads up. 

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