Winters Coming

I wanted to fit into these because they looked comfy but size ten is just way to freaking small for my huge feet. Lol

Getting Cold

It’s actually starting to get super cold in Newfoundland right now and we’re starting to get snow already! Haha
I’ve actually ordered so many things online to post about and do some reviews on but Canada Post is on strike, and literally that was about a month ago I ordered them and they’re still not here. It’s super annoying that this is really the only shipping service that most companies ship through to Canada. And to just top it all off now Canada Post is no longer accepting any international shipments so we’re basically fucked waiting for them to get their shit together. 
I’d love to say I’ve been up to a whole bunch of shit but basically I’m still recovering from the flu, so it’s been a couple days of down time and not doing much except going and visiting family. We’ve all pretty much got the flu so it doesn’t really matter that we’re around each other lol. I don’t even know how I got it at the first place. Probably from being at the hospital and not wearing a mask, since it’s not really a thing In Canada.

Vancouver Prep

I’ve got to start to get on the roll now with preparations for Vancouver. I don’t actually know if I’m going to be able to pull this off financially unless my student loan goes through and stuff. But I’m looking now for a roommate situation somewhere near campus in Richmond, as really financially I’m not going to be able to just live by myself in Vancouver at least for the couple months until I get adjusted to Van life again and get a job sorted out. Hopefully that doesn’t take a long time but thinking back now it probably would have been less of a stretch for me to enter in summer semester. Anyways we shall see how that all goes.


I’ve also gotta actually book the flight, have enough points with Aeroplan to do so I’ve just been putting it off but will most likely be purchasing a one-way over the coming week so at least that’s one thing out of the way. Of course tickets are most expensive during the school start date (January 3), but I’ve also got to make sure I meet the 3 month resident guideline in order to ensure my pill coverage so I’ll probably be missing the first week of class and arrive around the 9th or 10th of January. 
Picked up a set of AirPods from Apple today, and honestly they’re sick. I was a little skeptical just because I have a good audio amplifier that works with corded audio headphones and you can’t really beat them, but in terms of audio performance these headphones do just fine, the audio is super clear and the bass slays the corded Apple headphones. 
Also got a Yubikey from Yubico and secured all my accounts with that, Twitter, Facebook,Google yadayada. It’s good in theory, and In practice but NFC adoption with iPhone is just not really there yet besides Lastpass, and I’m really not a fan of Lastpass just for the fact it’s not Open Source.

Anyways I’ll post some updates in a couple days that are more then just a filler haha.


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