To be honest, I don’t even love drinking that much, but on occasions yes lol. And when those occasions do arise, sake is my drink of choice lol. 

I remember when I used to live near 中央大學 for Chinese Language Classes, that was where the whole Taiwan gig started, and I met Jess. Who ended up to be such a strong influence on my life, and although we’re not in the same place right now, I miss you so much.

The language semester was when we first got our Chinese names which ended up being our legal names for everything we did in Taiwan, bank accounts, cell phones, everything. From that day onwards I was known as 可森. Coming back to Canada and hearing people call me Cutler or Chris was extremely weird just because I hadn’t gone by that name in almost six years, and in Japan it was クリス。

My acceptance letter came from Kwantlen today, and I also got accepted for a credit card, woot. I seriously thought my credit would be shot from the stupid mistakes I made as a teen. I literally got my first card and was like, MACBOOK NOW! Lol. My credit score tho was 700, which is not terrible now, not great but not terrible. I made mistakes in youth and I have to sort things out with student loans for going back to school and coming out of repayment and possibly applying for another loan now to push myself through to graduation, but it’s worth it. I’ve been in Asia ten years now, speak both Japanese and Mandarin and at least I’m going back to school now with enough maturity to see it through.
Damn I was fugly lol

I’m so excited to start now in less then two months wherever it may be. I can’t wait to finish school and get on with having a career and not having to choose like customer service jobs, although I would definitely consider Apple. Lol.

I’m starting to actually be content with being back and the pace at things are moving. I’m doing enough to keep myself occupied and before I know it I’ll be back in school full time. 


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