JP Memories haha

I literally just found this magazine like hidden away in the drawer of my room in Canada for probably almost six years since I came back for vacation from Japan for a year lol.

I don’t even know how I was trying to hide the fact I’m gay lol. Like it’s pretty obvious.
Love you too but I actually don’t remember who this is omg lol.

I miss Japan so much tho. When I get a chance to go back like, that’s it I’ll never make the mistake of leaving again. When I first went to Japan it’s like I couldn’t get enough. I’d finish Language school and then go to Shibuya to go to Tsutaya and buy more cd’s, go to the second hand shops in Harajuku, or go and buy more textbooks like I had such a thirst for learning then and it’s like, I didn’t have to make the effort like I did in Chinese.

I’m so stoked to go back to school now and keep a good GPA and then go back to Japan. Like after everything that’s happened that’s the last moment I can remember where I can actually say like, I was content and I was motivated.

Maybe it won’t be the same. But it’s a good switch up and maybe I should stay away from Taiwan for a bit and just stay focused on what makes me happy.

I love how I’m coming to this realization after finding like a soft porno magazine hahaha. 


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