Student Discounts

Well it’s soon back to the student days, one last time, which means it’s also back to budgeting on things and being poor, fml lol. 

Here I’m gonna make a list of some of the actually decent student discounts you can avail of. Actually ones I like. Some are for Canada, others for Taiwan and I’ll add as I find more. 


UNIDAYS is only really good for AM Discount

UNIDAYS in general is pretty shitty. They kind of pitch themselves as like a one-stop student discount information slash validation service, and while that may be half good in some countries- it absolutely sucks in Canada, the app is literally not even worth having on your phone and the service is only good for getting a student discount on Music, and it’s worse in Taiwan since apparently UNIDAYS doesn’t even recognize Taiwan as a country jumping right on that band wagon. So basically for my entire school years in Taiwan I couldn’t get verified with UNIDAYS lol. 


Hey you can still be a student and a musician at the same time. For those of you who record on Mac’s , Logic Or GarageBand or however your mixing your music, always look and see if the plugin manufacturer offers a student discount. You’d actually be pleasantly surprised that most do. And it can get quite expensive purchasing plugins. Popular companies with student discounts include Soundtoys, Waves, Isotope.


Microsoft 365 • Students get Microsoft’s office suite of programs for free using your school email.


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