Foreo UFO Review

So I’m a huge fan of facial masks, obviously from living in Asia so long it’s like, skincare essentials, ripping open that face mask dripping with sauce, trying to untangle that shit and then align it with your face and push those wrinkles out, stretching it over your face, repeating this process two or three times a week. So yeah, when I heard of the UFO device, only taking 90 seconds per mask - after having the Luna 2 For Men for a while I wanted to get on it.

The price tag is a little more steep then the Luna for Men, but I’ve done some research prior to purchasing, also I’ve heard some great things online and I also love my Luna and other Foreo products.
This is the packaging for the UFO.

I chose Mint Green since the alternative is like hot pink or purple or something. I wish they had (They’re definitely going to come out with this in the future and I’ll be rotted to buy it again) a black version of the UFO, maybe a men’s version perhaps? Not saying black is more manly, but read the usage notes further down the post before you flip lol) as I think that would be cute.
The Foreo UFO Package contents: Device, USB charger, and one Make My Day mask.

So this is basically what you get in the package when you open up your UFO. The device itself, a USB cord for charging, and one Make My Day mask.
To use the masks for the first time, you need to use the Foreo For You app (See Below)  to scan the mask and start the treatment. 
So I just finished using the Make My Day Mask, holy shit it’s like an orgasm haha. No seriously, like it heats up and vibrates on your face while the slimy mask juice is all over your face haha.

 I’ll take a video next time after I head out to buy more masks at Sephora later today. I’m seriously going right away because the experience with mask that comes with was so orgasmic.

I’m going to purchase the other masks in the collection and then I’ll update this post to include reviews of those as well. I’m actually going to show my mom later today like I don’t think you’ll find anyone who doesn’t love the feels this device gives on your face, and your skin looks great after you use it. Seriously. It’s like that glow you get after doing a mask for 20 minutes, only you don’t have to like get as messy and it only takes 90 seconds. After that you can repeat the treatment, which I did four times after haha, there’s enough liquid in the mask to do so.
Picked up these three today from Sephora! 

The only thing I don’t like about the packages is that they don’t list which ones use cooling vs heat, although I’m just assuming that the ones that are only for UFO and not UFO Mini are the ones that use cooling in the routine, so we shall see when I try these out over the next couple days. The pricing I think is pretty decent, around $14.00 for seven masks for the Make My Day and Call It a Night, so like $2.00ish for a mask, that’s on par with Asia prices I guess, depending on what brand.

Usage Observations

Guys With Stubble

So I’ve seen other guys who own the UFO note this as well so it was expected but just to reinterate what they’ve said: If you’ve got any amount of stubble or beard growth on the go your probably going to need to avoid that area. I hadn’t shaved for two days, so I just finished using my Luna 2 For Men and shaved right before, but still the mask gets cut up and knotty from your stubble, but it’s not too bad. You just need to make sure that your not pushing it into your skin on that area too much. I would like to see Foreo develop masks that are more thick or more resistance to getting knotted up or misplaced (Your stubble can tug at the mask causing it to come off the tray) during the routine.

Mask Fragrance

The other thing to note is the fragrance. Like I know it’s based on Korean Face Masks but not to say the fragrance is “heavy” per se, but I’ve never used a face mask anywhere in Asia that had as much fragrance as these masks do, and I just don’t think it’s a necessity to have any fragrance in masks because there not really going to do any benefit to your skin.
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