KPU Offer

Waaa. It’s actually been so long since I’ve been through these doors. So I logged into the student portal of KPU this morning and thankfully my application for admission in Spring 2019 has been accepted! Already gone ahead and paid registration deposit, registration is on Nov.27th at 9:00 (Note to self) haha. 

I’m really excited actually to go back and study Asian Studies in particular as well because KPU has partnerships with Universities in Korea as well as Toyo University so I’d be able to go back to Japan to study for a year on KPU tuition and then return and finish studies in Vancouver. I’m not sure if you can participate in a study abroad more then once, I’d  definitely consider doing a year in Japan and a year in Korea if I get the opportunity. I already have six credits left from prior study towards the eligible 30 credit hours anwyays, I just have to make sure I work hard and maintain a 2.67GPA (B-).


Honestly it’s been a long minute since I’ve studied in Canada so I’m actually quite excited to go back and actually give everything to my education again as opposed to my early twenties where my post-secondary education almost always took a back burner to whatever drama I was having with Willy. Thank F that’s over now and I can actually focus on goals for myself.

The only thing like I can’t really decide on is exactly like what courses I’m going to do like, whether I’ll choose JP or Chinese for most of the language courses or not, but I’m definitely way more excited then I would have been when I first started post-secondary at Kwantlen years ago and basically failed miserably.

To give some background on my education like I’ve been to so many universities and language programs it’s not even fit, including:

Hiroo Japanese Language Center


A lot of them have been for language certification obviously but like, I feel like I’ve been in school forever lol. It’s definitely a weirder feeling in Asia tho like, take Taiwan for example. They don’t really have mature students as much as we do in Canada. Like someone in your class can be old AF in Canada and we’re not thinking anything of it right?  In Taiwan it’s like, I never saw anyone older then me in my classes. Like I’m not 30 yet lmfao but seriously my last year it was like everyone was probably 4 years younger then me, awkward.

But, Like anybody goes back and wants to upgrade and work on their education at whatever age more power to them really.


I’m actually super stoked that I got chosen to participate for this interview as you probably can tell from my blog, I love Cloudflare. Not just the service, their blog is awesome and insightful, and I’m always participating in their betas as well. It’s really a no-brainer for anyone running their own blog or website, if you’re not on Cloudflare, get on it.

I won’t be speaking of the interview or anything afterwards since you sign a non-disclosure but im awesome that I get a chance to participate in the interview. Cloudflares got some really exciting features coming up over the next couple months as well with their own registry.


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