I've actually been getting pretty well adjusted to being back home now, and not to say I'm in an amazing mood like, life here is pretty slow and uneventful, but I've been having a time honestly ”rebuilding” relationships with my family if you will. 

Not to say we were on rocky roads or anything beforehand but its been a long minute since we’ve all been in the same place and if feels nice go to back to that again. I'm literally so grateful for the relationship I have currently with my parents and my sister.

I don't even really know how to describe the feeling that I had before or still sometimes have with Newfoundland, its like I feel like the rest of the world is moving twice as fast and I'm somehow missing out on that with life being so slow and sluggish here, but at the same time its going too fast that by the time I get our ill be too old and have missed out on everything. That probably makes no sense at all but that's the only way I can describe the feeling.
Sephora package came as well! The foundation is good and matches my skin done pretty well but like I don't know if I'm an idiot or like, I just don't know how to apply foundation correctly but sometimes it looks more evident then id like it to be.

CC creams actually I probably find to be the best suiting for my skin  or probably guys skin in general who are just looking to like correct tones a bit and not have like the heavy or medium coverage that a foundation gives you. 

I ordered a beauty blender off Sephora a couple days ago as well so perhaps I shall have better luck with that lol. Maybe I need to watch some Youtube videos haha.
Went out tonight to my sisters for supper. Actually the weirdest thing about coming back home for a while this time has been that my sister doesn't live at home anymore, she's got her own place with a roommate and stuff.

Also she recommended to check out Kim’s Diner which I’m actually binge watching now and obsessed with lol.

 Kudos to her tho because she worked really hard to save up and buy her own house. She's always been more driven and responsible then I probably will ever be, and she just doesn't let external things phase her and keeps her eyes on the goal. I need to learn to be more like that in the future.
Also this weekend we heard about the Yilan Derailing. RIP man. Taiwan is a super safe country but things can happen to anybody at anytime and even tho I’m back home now and news takes longer to get round then when I’m in country, it’s supper upsetting and saddening to hear that so many people lost their lives, and really this could have been anyone.
I actually don’t know what I could do for post-secondary besides Asian Studies. If I wasn’t doing that then maybe I’d do Sound Engineering, but it’s like not do-able financially right now. Anwyays, no physiological rant tonight. 
Celebrated my sisters birthday this year! First time I’ve been here for her birthday now in like 6 years! 


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