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Aghhhh! I guess mistakenly I applied to do the B.A in Asian Studies rather then the Associate of Arts in Asian Studies although honestly I don’t remember seeing it on the application when I did it online in the first place, and then my application ended up getting denied, so I guess I have to call and make the change to associates for now, because I have to do the upgrade course for ENGL, which at the time I was in the process of doing and you could do while taking on other courses, so I’m just going to have to call and get it sorted out I guess.

Update: Called and got it sorted out and the education plan is submitted as well as the application, hopefully I’ll be admitted under the Associate of Arts pathway and then I’ll have to complete the last English upgrade course while taking my other required courses. I’m not sure if I’m going to re-do the courses I’ve already got credit for.

Last couple days have been rather uneventful, did some shopping for my friends baby b and some shopping for myself on haha.

Actually my co-worker from back in the day while I was working at McDonald’s recommended the N10 but they also have NW10 which is for those with rosy pale skin really which sounds better then the golden undertones because most times that leaves me looking like I have liver issues or something lol.
Also I’m going to order this today like I’ve been wanting to buy one forever. My ex had one of these and everyone who’s used them has found them good, and now that they have a men’s version I’m totally down to buy it. My skin routine is already pretty basic, occasional masks a week, face wash and UNO UV Protectant Moisturizer on the daily. So adding this shouldn’t be too much of a feat.

Actually I bought it today (November 5) because My sister luckily reminded me that today was the last day of Sephora’s Holiday 20% sale. Actually like taxes in Newfoundland suck, so it’s basically like save the tax lol. Was 223 plus tax, then 45 off for 20% so ended up being 210CAD. Apparently it’s considered a hazmat item with Sephora so they have to ship via ground. Ew. Hope it doesn’t take long lol. I’ll report back on this after it comes here and if it lives up to it’s hype.
This is turning into I want to buy post lol. I also want to get some Korean products for skincare routine that my Korean friend recommended from Skin Food. And I’ve used their stuff in the past and it’s been really good. The trouble is buying it in Canada now is like such a hack, although I guess I can just ship to a Korean address and then re-ship to here If they don’t ship to Canada directly. Id almost always rather do that then order it from somewhere like eBay or something.

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