Test Day

So I finally got out of bed lmfao in order to get the blood test to check up on where everything is at. It takes two weeks for most of the stuff to come back and then you those results will go to the centre and they’ll review them and decide what course of action we’re going to take.
With time I’m going to be more open about the whole process, I don’t even know why there is any hesitation because it’s not something you should feel ashamed of or anything and I don’t know why we have this habit of concealing medical information like it’s a secret or something.

 I’d rather document the process and make it easier for other people to know how it works and just how much of a streamlined process it is now, what it’s like in terms of support, and what other experiences I’ve had with it.
Actually so many stickers I’m like, how much blood are you going to take by lmfao. O think there also a urine sample as well. Anwyays there’s not that much to it really, and I’m fine with blood tests. Anyways here goes!
王可森 (Kesen)

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