What restrictions are there using a second-level domain from Ameba in Google Search Console?

First off just to clarify, there are other implications other then just in Google Search Console of using a sub domain of Ameba’s domains, other then just what goes on in Google Search Console, some of them you can avoid by using your own custom domain paired and then using a CDN like Cloudflare to keep your website serves over https, other things are just unavoidable and I’ll cover that in another post, but let’s try to stay on track here lol.

What do you mean by using a sub domain?

Like for example using example.themedia.jp or example.amebaownd.com or whatever domain you choose that AmebaOwnd offers you, if your not choosing to use a custom domain.

Don’t confuse sub domains with country-specific domains

Both matter and the combination of them can matter as well, but while subdomains or second level domains are one thing, you also have to look at if the sub domain you choose is country specific or not. For example, ending in .jp or .com, .jp is obviously country-specific to Japan. And so when you go into your domain settings in Google search console, your not able to declare a specific targeted country in Google Search Console like you would if you were using a .com. 

If your also using a sub domain that also happens to be country-specific; like a TLD that is country specific then the root domain already is already JP and in Google Search Console your not going to be able to make any changes to that, and because of the limitations of AmebaOwnd there’s not really that much you can do about it either, as your not able to edit things like HREF tags or write JavaScript for your website to use.

So, just to put this in easier terms, if you want to not target your AmebaOwnd website specifically for Japan then don’t choose one of the .jp domains that AmebaOwnd offers you, or just go with your own custom domain and then use Cloudflare to enable it over https. 

Remember to Grey-cloud your CNAME entry in your DNS records until you’ve added the custom domain in AmebaOwnd, and then orange-cloud it back after you’ve verified the CNAME. For more info on this process check out my post on custom domains with AmebaOwnd.


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