I actually forgot so much how uplifting and like solid it actually is to have your support system back in the form of family & friends. You kind of forget that after living abroad for so long, and you create your own “home” away from home, wherever that may be, but it never comes close to what you had when you left.
I don’t know when I’ll be out of here again, probably in January if I get re-admitted to Kwantlen for the spring semester but honestly, I appreciate my family and my friends so much more now then I would have of before. I got so used to being alone and being miserable that I didn’t think anything of it.

It might be a little boring waiting to get things straightened out and on the go, but at least during that time now I’m staying healthy, I feel healthier and I feel happy with where I’m at now, and have got some clear goals for the future. Things that seemed so far away and unreachable in the past seem more doable at this point.

Like it’s hard to say but maybe the whole divorce and sickness and everything happened for a reason. If it had of stayed the same I probably wouldn’t have done much more at that time and would have been at an even bigger loss once it all fell apart, except I would have been older and it probably would have been more of a trauma then Willy made it in the first place. So thanks for that hubby. 


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