It feels good surprisingly 

There’s something about being back home, although honestly last time after coming back from Japan, I hated it, but this time I’m really grateful to be back and see my family again, to eat food my mom makes, to visit at my sisters house, to text with my family like, you take so much for granted living abroad and you don’t realize that people keep going on with their lives independent of what you’re doing, when you come back like; it becomes evidence just how much time has passed, and I’m actually so appreciative of being back this time around.

We actually get to do stuff as a family again that like, families who don’t have their family members living abroad don’t take for granted. Like just being able to chill in the same room for the first time in like, a decade, it’s good now. 

So last week I was running around trying to complete a bunch of errands, the biggest of those now is getting things setup with MCP and also I have my first appointment at the NL AIDS thing in the hospital. It’s been a while since what’s happened in Taipei and I’ve been without meds so like, it’s possible at this point there’s some drug resistance. I already applied for MCP and tomorrow I’m going to get a blood test just to see where the cell counts are at and viral load etc. 

Where does it go from here

So basically after the test it’s Just like a waiting game for now. They do genotype testing so they’ll be able to tell like what drugs would most likely have formed resistance, and after then I’ll just go back on meds like ASAP and work back towards undetectable again.
The only crappy part about being home is the weather. It’s actually so cold, and I was in Asia for so long it’s like, it never gets this damn cold lol. So adjusting to the cold weather has been like, difficult lol. Anyways I’ll see how the blood test results turn out and check back in with another post. But I’m generally optimistic about everything, if they turn out to be low counts they’ll move the pace along quicker. I’m just glad that I’ve got my head back on right again and I’ve moved past the depression, and the former obstacles that got in the way.

I’m still a little iffy about being super open about this in Newfoundland just cause like it’s a smaller community but generally I’m not that concerned and I’m obviously not involved in the gay community here at all. Not that it matters but like, some gays are like not open to like what progress we’ve made in the last decade and like HIV being a non-issue and a manageable condition. Anyways, that’s me kind of worrying about the whole perception in Newfoundland before I even really give it a chance. And I’ll probably be out of here within a couple months anyways if my Kwantlen application gets accepted. I really wanna try my best everyday to better myself and work towards goals without getting distracted by anyone or anything.

Stay positive! Lol.
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