Applying For Kwantlen Re-Admission

It’s been like less then 48 hours and I’m already plotting my escape lol. There’s a bunch of errands that I actually have to do prior tho.

 If you weren’t aware, mostly all my stuff got stolen in TPE, including like all my clothes, all my identification documents and basically everything else except my phone. It’s actually a good thing almost because I probably wouldn’t have parted with some other things that actually reminded me a lot of my last relationship so it’s really like a fresh start again now with a 100% clean slate. Not that it wasn’t prior; I’ve already moved on from that stage of my life, but it’s just that much more of a clean slate now.

My mindset now is different then it would have been in the past, like when returning home from Japan. At that time I was quite immature and spent so much time kind of dwelling on the fact that I didn’t have a means to return and wasting time on things that didn’t matter.

Now I’m just like, I need to go back and complete my education and I want to put 100% of myself into that and not let any external factors no matter how big or how small affect my goal of graduating from University.

Kwantlens Asian Studies Program was amazing. It it’s amazing and the profs there are some of the most dedicated teachers I’ve known, and I know that my performance was less then desireable at the time I attended. But things have changed and I’ve spent the past five years in Taiwan not only working on myself both physically and emotionally but I’ve grown and my values have changed obviously from what they were and I really feel like I’m finally at a place that I can return and successfully complete my studies.

Applying For Re-Admission

So I’ve already went ahead and applied for Spring Semester in Kwantlen for East Asian Studies. I couldn’t even find my student number at the time lol. But it’s been actually five years since I’ve studied there last and a lot has changed. At the time I was required to withdraw because at that time it was just after getting married and prior to finding out about status, and things were just really a mess.

I hate to say it I guess but I can contribute a lot of it to immaturity and as well depression. So with my application for re-admission into the Asian studies program at Kwantlen I had to attach a form which basically asks you things like what you contribute to your poor performance during that time, and also what changes you have made to ensure that this time will be successful.

Here’s Hoping

I’m really hoping that I’ll get approved because I’ve changed so much since that time and been through so much physically and emotionally, and grown a lot during this time. I know if I go back to studies this January that I’ll be able to commit myself to it 100%. As corny as it sounds, in my case I really had to lose everything to realize that in the end you’ve got no one else to rely on but yourself. 

And it’s not pretty it’s ugly when you reach that point but the whole point of life is that if you work hard enough for a second chance, and somehow you do get that chance, there’s no way that you’ll let anything mess that up. And that’s really my mindset for applying for re-admission into Kwantlen. I want to go back and successfully graduate from Asian Studies. Not to just do well but to excel in it and be successful afterwards in something I live and breathe already.

Why Kwantlen

I’m really hoping that my re-admission application is going to be accepted because like the thought of returning back and being given a second chance especially at Kwantlen is so exciting for me, honestly. Not only is Kwantlen like a super place to study but the tuition is also actually affordable in comparison to going to study in Toronto or elsewhere in Canada.

Looking Back

Looking back now, leaving Kwantlen in 2013 to move to Taipei was probably one of the biggest mistakes of my life, just because I should have at that time realized the importance of putting myself first always, and to realize that you’ve got to pursue things for your own success and happiness irregardless of someone else because if that person leaves you, you’ll have nothing to fall back on. And that goes beyond just like, oh I won’t have a university degree; studying Asian Studies at Kwantlen was actually something I was so stoked to be doing, and what I wanted to be doing just the situation at that time completely distracted me from being able to perform as well in my studies as I knew I could have. I swear if I get the chance to go back  and start over that I will let absolutely nothing get in the way of my goals ever again.

Also being + and having been thru so much with this, it really also helped to quickly put in perspective just what my priorities should be. Be what it may and all the medical advances that have been made in the past while making many elements of living with it a no-brainer and non-issue, the fact that if you don’t have your head on right and if you don’t take care of yourself you could end up six feet under really sets your mind in the right directory pretty quickly. I know what I want now from life, I know what my goals are and I’m not going to let anything stand in the way of reaching those.

There’s no point in having regrets and I don’t have regrets about what happened, I do feel embarrassed that I let things take priority over my education but I’m prepared to work as hard as possible to make up for that now.
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