What Does AmebaOwnd Premium Subscription Get Me?

What does AmebaOwnd Premium Plan Get Me?

So let’s take a look at exactly what プレミアムプラン (Premium Plan) gets you. Premium Plan can be purchased for any AmebaOwnd website at either a monthly or annual rate.

Unlimited Pages

Without the Premium Plan, users are limited to ten pages they can create on their AmebaOwnd. By purchasing the Premium Plan, users can take remove that limit and create an unlimited number of pages for their site.

Unlimited Storage Capacity For Photos

Without the free plan, users are allotted a storage maximum of 1G for images. If you purchase the Premium Plan, that limit will be removed and the site will have an unlimited amount of storage for pictures being hosted on that site.

Removal Of Ad’s On Desktop View

To the left is an AmebaOwnd website without AmebaOwnd branding. The right, a free AmebaOwnd website with the branding evident on the bottom of the page.

Removal Of Ad’s On Mobile View

Again, only this time on mobile view, to the left is an AmebaOwnd website with a Premium Plan and it’s branding removed, to the left is a regular AmebaOwnd website with branding still in place.

AmebaOwnd Branding Removal on Header + Footer (Exclusing AMP)

User who elect to purchase the Premium Plan will have AmenaOwnd advertising immediately removed from their website on both Desktop and Mobile versions.

 Please note tho, as I mentioned earlier, since the Google AMP versions of your pages are being served over amp.amebaownd.com and not your own domain, the Advertising and branding is still evident on these pages even for Premium Plan users. This also has a noticeable effect on SEO, and in search console Google will declare your AMP pages as not being the canonical and give you indexing earnings and errors. AmebaOwnd should fix this for users who have purchased the Premium Plan.

How Much Does Premium Plan Cost?

All costs stayed are in Japanese Yen (JPY) and are subject to your cards conversion rate if you’re using a non-Japanese card. Payments on AmebaOwnd for the premium subscription are not yet processed through as Apple subscriptions or Apple Pay, rather you have to use your credit card number and process through Stripe. Users can choose to purchase a month-to-month plan, or purchase annually and choose to save some.

Monthly ¥960

The Premium Plan can be purchased for ¥960 each month. The above picture shows a comparison of a free plan, and a monthly Premium Plan.  

Annually ¥9600 

20% OFF

The Premium Plan costs ¥9600 on an annual basis, so basically if you purchase the plan for a year, you’re only paying ¥800 for each month.

Things To Note

When you purchase a Premium Plan, you are doing so on a per-site basis. You may manage 1 or 10 sites for free on AmebaOwnd, but when you buy one Premium Plan, that Premium Plan applies only to one site your purchasing it for.


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