Where can I check my used photo storage?

So if you’re using the Premium plan to up the amount of storage for photos you can host on your website, you can check to see how much you currently have used both on the mobile app, and desktop.

On Desktop

On desktop your amount of used storage for photos will always be located on the bottom left

On Mobile App

On the mobile app on iOS, I’m not sure about Android lol, but if your on the iOS app, most of the functions have already been localized to English. Although this is always changing and sometimes there’s bugs or just functions or explanations will fall back to Japanese.

On the app, click “site plan” and then you’ll be shown the amount of storage you’ve used currently.

As you can see, lol. Little jumbled right now but I’m sure that’ll be fixed in the coming updates, Ameba is actually pushing out more frequent updates lately.

If you have any questions lemme know. 
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