Nodal Officer lol

I feel the storm that’s brewing, what’s coming next you choose it. You reap exactly what you sow.

You never should have let me-

Are you scared? Lol. One small thing you should learn is that you’re only setting yourself back by thinking you can predict what I’m doing lol. You have no idea what I’m doing, how determined I am, and what lengths I’m willing to go to. 

You can lie all you’d like. Lying doesn’t equate to anyone else believing you tho. That’s what you fail to understand. I’ll totally be having the last laugh. Don’t worry. I didn’t do anything wrong. You did, and you know that. So deploy any kind of action you seem fit in order to try and slow down or prevent things from happening. But like I said, you have no idea what lengths I’ve already gone to. When I set my mind to something, I’ll see it through honey. 
Speaking of which, LOL. What the actual fuck? Seriously tho this is probably the strangest thing I’ve seen since like, I don’t know. Even Japan didn’t have anything written like that haha.

Upcoming Articles

I’m just finishing a article in Chinese SEO actually. #Greenconn maybe you can come learn here instead so you can actually do it decently instead of trying to get Global Sources to spam your low res product photos all over their subdomains so that people won’t be finding out the truth from the things i Posted like what? Two years ago lol. I’ve learned so much since that point.

One thing you should know tho. There’s never any harm in telling the truth. He who tells the truth he always in some way going to be protected from shit folks like you.

For those of you reading being like WTF. I get it lol, just skip over this article because it’s more addresssing a personal situation lol. 

Anyways, much more to come :au)


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