God seriously some of you make me sick. Can you actually be driven by anything else besides fucking? Like it’s like, sometimes I can’t even believe the words that come out of your mouth. 

It’s like, can you be this free? Then why am I like this? Just literally so easy, yes let’s go and have gangbangs and sex parties like it’s nothing, is it really that appealing to you? Maybe I should be more of a whore and just treat fucking like it’s the new handshake. 

Seriously: sometimes I feel like I’m just abnormal because of like the mindset of so many of my friends in the gay community, obsessed with smoking meth and having gangbangs like. So fun right? See how it is when your teeth are broken and rotted and your positive. Bet it’s loads of fun then. Seriously. Stupid fucking bastards. All the HIV agencies and AIDSMAP talking about gays like we’re all a bunch of like easy breeders lol, gross fuck off.

王可森 (Kesen)

Canadian Born, Asia-Raised. Currently living in Taiwan. Interests include basically anything tech/web, music (Listen to my album on the left Menu!) Asian Politics and Policy, and Asian Boys lolol.