Wordpress Custom Headache!

Seriously tho. So I’ve been testing out some plugins to enable custom posts and fields mainly because I want to create post types to align to certain schema types that I’ll deploy from Schema app. 

Those have included:

And seriously none of them have been “easy” in the sense that I don’t have the patience to read through instructions lol. This is bad, and I honestly probably mess so many things up because of it, but my style is like I just want to jump into things, figure it out as I go, and deal with fuck ups as they present themselves haha.


Anyways I’ve just started to use Toolset.com plugins now that I’ve installed on the staging site.
Posts and pages aren’t enough for every site. When you need more, Toolset is the answer. Toolset lets you build your own listing sites, directories, membership sites and shops. Avoid lengthy development and the limitations of complex themes. Build advanced sites yourself quickly and easily with Toolset.
I think it’s more so that you purchase themes and while they may look more advanced and graphically pleasing then those basic freeium ones that come either native to Wordpress or recommended by wordpress, they just end up being more work because making changes to those are much of a nightmare, and some developers on EnvatoMarket AKA Themeforest , which it seems like today is the only source for themes- the code is just sometimes so shitty. And it doesn’t help at all that every theme labels themselves as the “best” or “top theme of the current year”, and literally all the ratings are like 5 star there doesn’t seem to be much transparency at all. 

Also their refund Policy sucks. I wanted to purchase slider revolution (Don’t judge I learned my lesson) and their website basically has a purchase button which links through to EnvatoMarket and if you have one click checkout on it basically brings you to the payment screen and didn’t disclose that I was actually purchasing the Joomla version. 

Although Joomla and Wordpress were the same price and one would assume they could just blacklist the license ID, they had me purchase the WP version before “refunding” the Joomla version which actually was just a credit back to my account. That pisses me off, I honestly hate retailers who give you back store credit and call them refunds. I don’t wanna purchase anymore shit from Envato market lol.

▶︎First Impressions

Dashboard View Of Toolset

Toolset seems to be way more intensive and organized then ACF or Custom Post UI. The initial problem I had wasn’t with creating custom types,taxonomy, or fields but actually implementing them visually in the mess our theme code is currently lol.

▶︎First Try

Anyways let’s see how this works out. Okay so created the custom post type MSA which is short for Medical Scholarly Article which you’ll find on the bottom of many articles on WWS as a reference. The goal is to store those referenced medical studies on WWS, and then have them hyperlinked at the bottom of articles and have the data from those show if queried, instead of the present situation which is just like a reference with either a link to a third party domain, or no link at all.

So, created the custom post type MSA, and then created the fields as per schema.org markup. Obviusly this is a healthlifesci extension Schema Type so it’s not gonna help search engines or anything this is more so just a personal experiment lol.

You’ll see now that the custom post type shows up on the admin panel to the left, you can also choose the icon for the custom post type as well tho the selection sucks. But it’s up there.

▶︎File Size

I’m not sure if afterwards if you do choose to delete the plugins if the custom modifications you’ve made to your Wordpress install will be retained even if deleted? Each of the plugins are actually huge in size and not something I’d want to keep installed at 30mb for Types, 30mb for views and Module Manager at another 21mb. 

▶︎Mobile Usability

As I said before, I try to use only my mobile for mobile design. So anytime I hit a roadblock and can’t use my mobile to complete a function using a plugin, it’s annoying as hell and I’m gonna deduct points for not being mobile friendly lol. It’s 2018 and we pay like over a grand for phones that are more then capable, let’s get this act together omg. I hate to see plugins that display incorrectly in Wordpress when your on a mobile.
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