I’ve (Thankfully) gotten back into doing things to stay active and treat my body better then eating junk food and watching the Kardashian’s (Which I still love don’t get me wrong haha)

Today was actually really beauty. The whole time I’ve lived in Taiwan I’ve just lived in 新北 so I haven’t had the chance to check out any of the bike trails and stuff in Taipei. 

I am actually really glad tho that I did choose to live in New Taipei as opposed to somewhere in Taipei for specific reasons but mostly that my Mandarin would have been worse then it already is at this point. I’ve realized increasingly just how much you don’t need to speak a word of Chinese in Taipei. Like at all.

It’s actually quite annoying and I would think even more so for any of those that are pursuing Mandarin studies in Taipei that practically every person in customer service will essentially go out of their way to serve you in some form or another in English. Or to afterwords make comments to their coworkers in Chinese about you, or while your standing there about something but usually their first instinct is something like “oh my god call this person there’s a foreigner, He/She is good at English.” 

Anyways, without going to much in depth, I’ve realized I really need to bring closure to the whole WWS thing. I’m pretty much at a point now where I feel like I’m able to emotionally deal with it but I’m really honestly losing interest with it. That’s kind of the dangerous part because I feel like if I don’t address it in a emotional, personal way nobody’s really going to pay attention to some text. So I’m going to do a final video with that and then move on from it.

But really, I want to keep focusing on my own health, and my own happiness. You can’t change someone and honestly Willy just happened to be a fucking rotten Ass apple. 
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