Cuz I Can

Because what? Did you think you were hot shit?
The hilarious part of the whole thing is that you somehow think your one in a million. Fuck off.

I don’t know what part of me ever felt attracted to your sadistic manipulative Ass. Literalky my worse fears as a husband as a boyfriend as a observer to your ways all fame true.

No matter how sick or crazy, everyone was always right, you actually did all those things, you pathetic, easy, needy fuck.

Don’t get to thinking I’m done. I’m not. I ain’t even getting started bitch. If you think your laughing this off as you wash your hands clean think again. We’ve got better goals and better things to do then pursue your ass but trust me, I’m back on track now and you’re about to get served Willy Wonka.

I’m also however putting myself first finally, and enjoying doing so. Let’s be honest, in what planet do you think your better, hotter, rarer. If I was a ounce as needy and easy as yourself then I would be getting the same, but that’s you and not me. I’m able to wake up and feel happy with the body and mind I live in every morning. It’s a shame you’re cheap as fuck both inside and out.

Go and prep yourself baby, cause your literally aboht to get fucked all over again and not in the Way you love to. 

王可森 (Kesen)

Canadian Born, Asia-Raised. Currently living in Taiwan. Interests include basically anything tech/web, music (Listen to my album on the left Menu!) Asian Politics and Policy, and Asian Boys lolol.