Iphone Trade up in TW!

It’s that time of year again and Apple of course has a new phone, and we wants. We also wants to still eat, LOL. No in all seriousness tho the trade in program looks pretty decent and works out to be a good deal for the majority of people. 

I didn’t actually know that there was a trade in program offered through Apple for other countries besides the US.

Here’s the trade in value for your old iPhone:


帶著你的 iPhone 前往 Apple 直營店,立即獲享折抵優惠,可用於購買新裝置2。
尋找 Apple 直營店

First option is to trade-up in store, click the above link to get a list of Apple retailers in Taiwan. 



Fill Out the online form (In Chinese) and you’ll get an immediate estimate as to the value of your current device and then you have to mail it in.

Anyways that’s what I shall be doing but in JP. Lol

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